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Two turbo generates 6MW for PJSC «Makeevkoks» (Ukraine)

10 August 2011

PJSC «Makeevkoks» is one of the biggest factories producing coal charge, met coke, chemical products based on thermal treatment technology of coal conversion. The factory is situated in the city of Makeevka in Donetsk region in the eastern part of Ukraine. The factory cooperates with many companies: research and design institutes, special firms and foreign companies.

In 2010 in connection with JSC «Donetskstal- metal works» and JSC «DneprVNIPIenergoprom» the construction of turbine house in boiler section of generating capacity 12MW.


PJSC «Makeevkoks» chose steam turbine P-6-1,2/05 in amount of 2 pcs with steam extraction of capacity 6MW as main equipment. These turbines are used for drive of generator; they produce electric and heat power for industry and heating.

JSC «Kaluga Turbine Works» was chosen as the supplier of turbo generator. JSC «Kaluga Turbine Works» is a part of holding JSC «Power Machines». The plant was founded on 9, July 1946.The main specialization of it is manufacture of steam turbines. More than 2800 turbo stations have been supplied since foundation, and they are successfully operated both in Russia and abroad.


Taking into account the partnership with JSC «Kaluga Turbine Works», JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» was assigned to select the optimal variant of generator which provides:

  • all complex of technical requirements to generator,
  • minimum changes of the project,
  • integration with turbine in shaft line and auxiliary systems,
  • delivery in fixed time,
  • minimization of cost,
  • minimum customs and logistics expenses.

As a result of analysis of potential manufacturers JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» deсided to complete turbines P-6-1,2/05 with generators T-6-2U3 with capacity of 6MW manufactured by «ELECTROTYAZHMASH-PRIVOD» LLC.

Generator T-6-2U3

Generator T-6-2U3

JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» made the partnership agreement with JSC «DneprVNIPIenergoprom» on coordination in using turbo generators T-6-2U3 in the project. The issue of the agreement was to determine further activities in order to avoid prolongation of getting design documentations for connection of generators.

After all tender procedures, in December 2010 JSC «Kaluga Turbine Works» chose JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» as the supplier of generator. In January 2011 the contract for supplying two turbo generators T-6-2U2 (6MW, 3000rpm, 6,3kV) was signed.

Based on the routine tests, performed in July and August 2011 with attendance of JSC «Donetskstal- metal works» and PJSC «Makeevkoks» at site of «ELECTROTYAZHMASH-PRIVOD» LLC in Lysva, Perm region, the turbo generators were accepted in accordance with documentations and customer’s requirements.

The supply was held in August and September 2011, in fixed time. Now the generators are at customer’s site; mounting, commissioning and start-up were completed.

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