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Prior delivery of electric motor to Karmanovskaya GRES

20 June 2011

Karmanovskaya GRES is the largest condensate thermal power station in the town of Neftekamsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan, on the river Buy, and a part of JSC «Bashkirenergo».

Besides electric power Karmanovskaya GRES produces heat energy in hot water and steam with pressure 2,5-7kgs/cm2.The station was designed and constructed in the north-west of Bashkortostan to use local highsulfur oil as fuel. The start-up of the first out of six units was held on 16, December 1968. Furthermore, from year to year one new unit 300 MW was activated, and in 1973 the station became the most powerful station in Bashkortostan. The electric capacity for 1, January 2011 is 1800MW, heating - 204Gkal/h.

Karmanovskaya GRES

During the capital repairing of energy unit №6, the old equipment was replaced, particularly electric motor AV-8000/6000 of old type, used as the drive to feeding pump SVPE-320-550.

The main task of this replacement was to supply equipment , which provides:

  • minimum changes of basement,
  • required delivery term,
  • technical and service assistance.

Being the official partner of NPO «Elsib» JSC, JSC «EnergoFront» in coordination with technical departments of the plant made the technical solution based on modern electric motor 4AZM-8000/6000-UHL4 , and adjusted it with the customer.

Technical characteristics of electric motor:

  • Output: 8000kW
  • Voltage: 6000V
  • Speed: 2985rpm
  • Weight: 14400kg
  • Stator current: 876A
  • Slip: 0,5%
  • Efficiency: 97,6%
  • Power factor: 0,9
  • Maximum torque ratio: 2,3
  • Starting torque ratio: 0,95
  • Starting current ratio: 6

Induction electric motors 4AZM are used as drives to high-speed machines, such as station, main line, axifugal, feeding pumps, compressors, blowers, and refrigerating machines.

Energy industry, oil mining and processing, ore mining, metallurgical industries, and others.

Operation conditions:
Installation indoors, with environment without aggressive fumes and gases, which can destroy materials and insulation of electric motor. The temperature of cooling air for motors with disconnected ventilation system - not more than 400°C, the temperature of cooling water for motors with closed ventilation system - not more than 300°C. Degree of protection for electric motor – IP44, and terminal boxes - IP55.

The main contractor of repairing was JSC «Energoremont».

Early delivery was accomplished, and it allowed arranging mounting, commissioning and start-up in accordance with scheduled term. JSC «EnergoFront» provided full service assistance for the period.

This supply completes the period of replacement of overage electric motors AV-8000/6000 for electric motors 4AZM-8000/6000-UHL4 manufactured by NPO «Elsib» JSC at Karmanovskaya GRES.

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