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Maintenance service

Providing service assistance we don't just long to keep this modern trend in the sphere of technological services but we consider this direction to be the most important aspect for our clients, - not less important than the product we offer itself.

Our company purposely solves the task to develop service assistance for the equipment we supply. At first it was connected with the desire to correspond completely with our clients requirements, get feedback from them, and participate not only in delivery of hardware but also to observe real result of our work-solid equipment with required parameters in operation.

Professionals having proper experience at the same machine building companies in Saint-Petersburg work for service department in EnergoFront.

The equipment from different manufacturers that we promote at the Russian market has its unique characteristics, therefore our service engineers studied and got examined at the factories and special departments of our partners.

Our service engineers knowledge and experience permit us to guarantee high quality of the provided maintenance service that was proved with the certificates we got from our partners.

  • 1. FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

    • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

    Our company supplies complicated equipment which downtime can cause client's big financial losses. In this regard service department in cooperation with purchase department of our company have formed the list of equipment where EnergoFront service staff participate in FAT. In some cases, there are special requirements from clients, for example, additional check-up on stands of manufacturers with special diagnostic equipment of vibration state and other parameters of machines in different operational modes including full load.

    Acceptance of equipment at manufacturers stands proved its effectiveness. Our company is confident in working capacity of supplied equipment that increases guarantee of standard start-up.

  • 2. Preliminary building-block design

    • Preliminary building-block design

    In the volume of equipment supplied by EnergoFront the bigger share is occupied with aggregates including except main mechanism also auxiliary systems and some elements of drive (electric motor, coupling of enclosure and regulation). Supplying of complex sets of equipment, their start-ups and bearing of guarantee obligation put a great responsibility upon our company. To make sure sets of equipment are ready to be installed at site of operation our specialists carry out preliminary erection of aggregates on specialized industrial sites. During preliminary setting and centering adjustment of equipment correspondence of completeness of supplied equipment with specifications, mounting dimensions of aggregates, frame and technological piping is determined; amount and size of additional parts are specified. It allows shortening the time for commissioning and start-up at site of operation itself.

    EnergoFront service engineers have worked out principals of cooperation with some industrial sites in some regions of Russia which are specialized on such adjustments. All activities are 100 % controlled by service engineers of our company.

  • 3. Assembling

    • Assembling

    Our service engineers don't just carry out management of assembling, start-up and guarantee maintenance of equipment, but they also provide all complex of activities on preparation, executing of technical requirements, quality control, and report about results to Client.

    Preparation for assembling of equipment starts a couple of months before the working. Service staff works out all further technological operations to be used during installations of equipment at site in details. A great number of questions are decided when equipment is accepted on factory benches. Our partners-manufacturers provide all necessary technical materials and consultations to perform working at high level at operation site. We have designed technological procedure of assembling, determination of necessary recourses (assembling staff, equipment, materials) and requirements to them that can form net schedule which let all parties of project (Client, designer, contractor) see the time period of all assembling, its stages, control points of executed stages, time intervals of attraction of domain experts and special equipment. In every project, our service specialists coordinate net schedule with all parties. Such approach let us have assembling activities effectively and routinely that in turn can allow us to see possible issues avoid conflicts and emergency situations.

    During assembling and start-up EnergoFront service engineers in cooperation with Client's specialists make diagnostics of equipment with taking all necessary data in accordance to operational documentations and give permission to acceptance tests.

  • 4. Working with reclamations

    • Working with reclamations

    Unfortunately, sometimes it's impossible to avoid situations connected with technical problems with equipment in the process of its operation. Realizing all the obligations before the Clients and expecting long partnership with Clients our company has worked out some approaches. We don't keep to the motto "to get rid of the reclamation by all means", but in tight cooperation with Client's operational staff we are trying to value the situation objectively.

    Having business trip to the operation site, our service engineers estimate real conditions and operational duties, the kind and intensity of breakdown. If it is necessary to have the permission from manufacturers the disclosure of aggregate is done with providing detailed photo report, acts and conclusions. After that the cooperation work with manufacturers starts. As a result of this work the offer with further activities is formed.

    We constantly improve business procedures connected with quality of work over reclamations with our partners at the stage of data gathering and offer selection, with speed of production processes starting from deputation of own specialists to the site finishing with repair either at plant or at operation site. We managed to solve most part of reclamations on our own: fast collecting of initial information including the one by means of diagnostic equipment, partial disclosure of aggregates and examination of assemblies and items, preparation of reports and cooperation with technical departments at plants to make quick decision and offer a solution. Besides, we participate in informing schedule of activities aimed to exclude possible problems in production chain.

  • 5. Operation monitoring

    • Operation monitoring

    It's important to provide working efficiency of machines and aggregates, their proper operation, and on-time technical service to have continuous technological process in any industry. Audit of technical state, prediction of limited operation life and assistance of safe operation of equipment are a difficult and complicated organizational procedure.

    One of the top tasks for the service department of our company is to make technical policy on long-period operation of equipment. In cooperation with our partners-manufacturers we are making complex of activities aimed to provide constant readiness of supplied equipment for operation at site and soon we are going to show our service programs to the clients. The main point in this work is foreign equipment. Unlike Russian plants not all foreign companies represented by EnergoFront have their own industrial and repairing recourses and store programs on spare parts on the territory of Russia. Thus, now we actively work on mutual searching and attestation of repairing companies, in accordance with existing technical requirements, that will become our strategic partners to provide repairing service in warrantee and post-warranty periods.

    Using many years of practice of our foreign partners on their target area markets, the list of spare parts necessary for repairing was formed. Some spare parts as well as instrumental and control can be purchased in Russia via their catalogue numbers of their manufacturers. Besides, purchase and logistics department has worked out the fastest ways to delivery spare parts from the countries where foreign producers are located to Russia. Our company is ready to provide the fastest way to take emergency equipment abroad in case of repairing on the territory of foreign plants.

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