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Condensate pumps for CCGT unit at Verkhnetagilskaya GRES

11 September 2023

Verkhnetagilskaya GRES, located in the center of the energy system of the Middle Urals, is one of the main suppliers of electricity in the Sverdlovsk region.Construction of the Verkhnetagilskaya State District Power Plant began in 1951. equipment The equipment’s commissioning of the stages I–III was carried out in 1956–1959, stage IV in 1960–1961, stage V in 1962–1964. In 1964, the station reached its design capacity of 1600 MW.

In June 2017, a new gas power unit of the Verkhnetagilskaya State District Power Plant with an installed capacity of 447 MW was commissioned. The new power unit is one of the most efficient in its class. It is equipped with a system for dry suppression of nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber, which ensures a significant reduction in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and improves the environmental situation in the region.

The commissioning of a new power unit made it possible to decommission the outdated coal-fired equipment of the first to fourth stages of the Verkhnetagilskaya State District Power Plant without reducing the volume of electricity generation. At the same time, the main indicators of reliability and operational efficiency of the plant have increased significantly. When CCGT-420 was commissioned, the total electrical capacity of Verkhnetagilskaya GRES was 1062 MW.

Верхнетагильская ГРЭС

    Basic equipment:

  • Gas turbine SGT5-4000F with generator Sgen5-1000A, manufactured by Siemens;

  • Steam turbine K-130, with generator TZFP-160, manufactured by JSC Power Machines.

At the moment, Sulzer condensate pumps of the SJD-13 DLC VC 12A / 3 (API610) series, in the amount of 4 pieces, are in operation at the Verkhnetagilskaya State District Power Plant. To ensure uninterrupted operation, the station needed to purchase one Sulzer series SJD-13 DLC VC 12A/3 (API610) pump as a reserve for the possibility of quick replacement in case of failure of any existing pump. At the end of 2021, our Company won the tender for the manufacture and supply of the specified pump. According to the plan, we were supposed to deliver it in the 4th quarter of 2022. However, due to sanctions restrictions, the manufacturer Sulzer initially postponed the delivery of the pump several times and ultimately it became impossible.

In this regard, we had the task of supplying an analogue of the Sulzer pump series SJD-13 DLC VC 12A / 3 (API610), with the same technological parameters, in overall and connection dimensions that allow the equipment to be installed on an existing foundation and connected to existing pipelines. The engineering staff of EnergoFront, having thoroughly studied the technical features of the Sulzer pump, proposed a condensate pump manufactured by SDPump (China) of the VDD150-260BX3 (API610) series as a replacement.

SDPump (Jiangsu Shuangda Pump Industry Co., Ltd.) is a leading enterprise in China, specializing in the manufacture of pumps for petrochemicals and energy, in special designs for various customer requirements.

Pump series VDD150-260ВX3 (API610) (with operating point parameters: Q=195m3/h, H=223m, with flow range Q=115-220m3/h) is designed for pumping clean or aggressive liquids that do not destroy the pump materials with chemical or mechanical properties.

The VDD series is a vertical multi-flow, radial split and radial diffuser pump. The pump is designed in accordance with API610 standard, type VS6. The rolling bearings of this pump are lubricated with a thin layer of oil, and the hydraulic plain bearing is a multi-point support structure.

VDD150-260BX3 (API610)


    Advantages of the VDD150-260VX3 (API610) pump:

  • The temperature measurement interface can be used to monitor bearing health and ensure optimal equipment performance.

  • The rolling bearing design uses fine oil lubricant to ensure good lubrication effect. Water and air cooling design can effectively reduce the bearing chamber temperature and is suitable for high temperature environments.

  • The seal chamber complies with API682 standard; All kinds of seals and auxiliary systems can be customized according to the working conditions.

  • The balancing drum is used to balance the axial force, which has good effect. The load on the bearing is small and does not depend on the position of the bearing.

  • Safe and reliable shaft connection methods ensure shaft accuracy, increase pump insertion depth, and expand the pump's application range.

  • Multi-point sliding bearing support structure; The bearing spacing complies with API610 requirements; high safety and reliability. The bushing is made of wear-resistant graphite or composite materials.

  • Radial diffuser design, compact design, relatively high single-stage impeller (impeller), suitable for high head conditions.

  • The impeller has good suction performance, low NPSH (NPSH), effectively shortening the insertion depth of the pump to ensure the reliability of the pump.

Characteristics of the pump VDD150-260VX3 (API610):

Характеристика насоса VDD150-260ВX3 (API610)

The electric motor WEG W50 315H/G (200 kW, 3000 rpm, 6 kV), previously supplied to the CCGT unit of the Verkhnetagilskaya GRES, will be used as an electric drive for the pump. The connecting dimensions of the pump will be modified to allow the installation of the specified motor on it.

After delivery of the equipment, our service department specialists will provide supervised adjustment of the pumping unit.

Project achievements

Achievement of the maximum unificationIncrease in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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