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Eight pump units for Krasnoyarsk district heating

20 February 2011
JSC “Yenisei TGK (TGK-13) consists of the following production branches:

— Krasnoyarsk TPP-1;
— Krasnoyarsk TPP-2;
— Krasnoyarsk TPP-3;
— Krasnoyarsk TPP-4;
— Kansk TPP;
— Minusinsk TPP;
— Nazarovsk GRES;
— Krasnoyarsk district heating;
— Abakan TPP.

Krasnoyarsk district heating

teplosety.jpgSpread of district heating: 499km in double pipe (998km- single pipe), whereas transmission network- 193,3km in double pipe (386,5 km- single pipe).
heat capacity of boiler - 889,67Gkal/h.

Priority investment projects

Main volume of investments is made into the project connected with increase of output capacity of plants and development of district heating. Investment project “Construction of energy unit №1 at Krasnoyarsk TPP-3 approved by municipal administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region takes special place in development of the company and the city of Krasnoyarsk. The realization of the project will suffice increasing needs of the city in heat and electric energy with increasing of total electric capacity of the plant by 185MW, heat capacity-by 270Gkal/h. Now the company also supports 11,929 (23,858- in single pipe) km of steam pipes and condensate pipes, 13 central heat points, and 18 pump stations, 7 electric boilers in Krasnoyarsk and 6 ones in Divnogorsk.

Krasnoyarsk district heating development program

svarka.jpgUnder investment program of the company in association with municipal administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk the development program of energy facilities used in heat supply of Krasnoyarsk during 2007-2012.The realization of the program will increase capacity of heat nets, optimize the usage of big plants Krasnoyarsk TPP-1, Krasnoyarsk TPP-2, and increase supplied load of heat consumption facilities.
The decision to construct new heat pump station on the island of Posadny was made to solve the problem of distribution of heat load to the left bank on the river of Yenisei and to provide heat to city districts.

During the selection of pump units the following characteristic were taken into account:

1. Usage of modern reliable equipment;
2. Max. unification with existing equipment in pump stations under operation;
3. Usage of technologies to provide the possibility of heat net parameter regulation with max. effectiveness;
4. Optimal delivery terms and commissioning.

The design project of the pump station on the Posadny was made by design institute “Krasnoyarskgrazhdanproekt”, which has the experience similar projects design under surface irregularity of Krasnoyarsk. Erection of equipment was made by JSC”Krasnoyarskenergospetsremont”, which specializes on complicated tasks in construction and erection of facilities of Yenisei TGK.

As the main equipment pumps СЭ-2500-60-16 were selected. They satisfy the requirements on flow and head, etc.

nasos.jpg1. Pump type СЭ. The advantage: casing of high-quality Korean casts, standard seals, reliability in operation.

2. Operation data СЭ 2500-60-16

motor.jpgElectric motors used in pump units have insulated bearing and forced insulation that provides the possibility of their operation with VFD.

8 pumps.jpgPumps СЭ 2500-60-16 are unified with the pumps СЭ-2500-11-1 which now in operation. Manufacturer of pump СЭ-2500-60-16 is the leader in pump construction- JSC “Nasosenergomash “Sumy”. JSC “EnergoFront” made the delivery of eight pump units on time. Now at the station the commissioning is completed. The equipment was put in operation and it successfully bore heat load during heat season 2011-2012. Usage of this equipment helped to distribute heat energy in Krasnoyarsk and overcome some limits in heat loads on the left bank of Krasnoyarsk.

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