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Pravoberezhnaya TPP replaced «Krasny Oktyabr»

15 December 2010

Building and start-up of Pravoberezhnaya TPP in 2006 was thefirst invest project, realized during the program of production capacity renovation in companies from Saint-Petersburg.

The station provides electric energy and hot water to industries, house blocks and offices in Nevskiy and Krasnogvardeikiy districts. Today more than 700 000 of people in Saint-Petersburg warm with heat from Pravoberezhnaya TPP.

In 2006 the closure of old energy unit at TPP-5 «Krasny Oktyabr» was started. To compensate the reduction in hot water production it was decided to reconstruct boiler house at Pravoberezhnaya TPP.

The main task was replacing pump equipment to increase efficiency by 30% and provide the possibility of effective regulation of heat supply system parameters.

Pravoberezhnaya TPP

General contractor of the project: JSC «Trest Sevzapenergomontazh».
General developer: SevZap NTTS.

To provide the required parameters JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» offered the following equipment:

1.Two pump units ASE-2500-180-8, manufactured by JSC «Nasosenergomash Sumy» in set with electric motor 4AZM-1250/6000UHL4 manufactured by NPO «Elsib» JSC.

Design: horizontal axial single-stage pump of hooped type with double-sided input impeller.

To provide maximum reliability rate of pump with full clearing of leak the end seals with enclosed cooler manufactured by NPTS «Anod» were applied.


The pump unit was executed on common frame. Besides, because of space constraint both the pump and the electric motor were updated to use self-contained lubrication system, that allowed not using an oil station.

2. Pump unit ASE-2500-180-8 in set with electric motor 4AZM-1600/600UHL4 with hydro coupling SVTL 562 manufactured by VOITH Turbo.

Oil station of compact design feeds the unit. Handling of hydro coupling can be provided either with PCS from boiler house or with local controller.

Performance characteristics of pump units enable wide range of heat supply system parameters in different use conditions.

Appliance of hydro coupling SVTL 562 manufactured by VOITH Turbo allowed regulation of pressure in hot water supply system with maximum effectiveness.

JSC «NPP TechnoProekt» made complete technical and service assistance of the project, the result of which was the start-up of reconstructed boiler house by the due date.

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