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Construction of two gas and steam units PGU-220 at Ufimskaya TPP-5

10 December 2010

Construction of two gas and steam units PGU-220 at Ufimskaya TPP-5 is a scale investment project in energy system in the Republic of Bashkortostan for the last 40 years. The project is based on new plans of extension house blocks building. Ufimskaya TPP-5 is constructed in connection with big backbone PC «Zaton» 220/110/10kV.It will allow to eliminate deficit in electric power 300MW that has recently become the tendency in Ufa.

Intended capacity of Ufimskaya TPP-5 is 440MW, installed heat capacity-290Gcal/h.

Ufimskaya TPP-5

General developer of the project is JSC «Power Engineering Center of Bashkortostan».

Modern gas energy machines GTE-160 and steam turbine T-60/73 manufactured by JSC «Power machines» will be used as main equipment. JSC «Power Machine Building Alliance» supplied waste heat boiler E-220/50-8,33/0,6-517/211.

Usage of gas and steam units enabled to combine high temperature heat supply to working medium in steam turbine and its low temperature reverse at steam condensation in steam turbine condenser. This way the circles of gas and steam turbines are combined in the one. It provides high efficiency in power energy production, comparing with traditional thermal stations. The main advantage of gas and steam units is a high range of efficiency (up to 51-53%), in comparison with 35-38% at steam-turbine units, widely used in Russia now.

For this project JSC «EnergoFront» supplied feeding pumps APE-240-110 - 4 pcs manufactured by JSC «Nasosenergomash Sumy». Modern feeding pumps PE and assembly based on them - APE are used to supply feeding water with temperature up to 1800C to waste heat boiler at power stations with steam-gas and steam-power assemblies. Pump- axifugal, sectional multiple with one-side liquid supply to the first stage.

Feeding pump PE
Drawing 1. Feeding pump PE

The number of feeding pumps is included into the dispatch with waste boilers manufactured by JSC «Power Machine Building Alliance». The customer has made the decision to use the system of feeding pump parameters regulation by means of hydro coupling. JSC «EnergoFront» offered the solution , which provided the operation of pump either with hydro coupling 562 SVTL 12 or without it, and the following equipment was supplied: pump unit APE 240-110 (Q=300m3/h, H=1260m) with intermediate stage (Q=30m3/h, H=770m) manufactured by JSC «Nasosenergomash Sumy» in set with electric motor 4AZM 1600/10000 UHL3 (1600kW, 10kV, 3000rpm) manufactured by NPO «Elsib» JSC, design on common frame, with further construction of hydro coupling VOITH Turbo on the frame. Total amount is 4 pcs.

Outline drawing of pump unit APE 240-110
Drawing 2. Outline drawing of pump unit APE 240-110.

The pump unit completely provides the required range of performance characteristics, and complies with the requirements:

  • climate category – U3 GOST 15150-69,
  • noise pressure level - not more than 80dB(A) one meter distance,
  • degree of protection- not less than IP54,
  • design on common frame, with further construction of hydro coupling VOITH Turbo on the frame.

Characteristics of pump PE 240-110
Drawing 3. Characteristics of pump PE 240-110

Basing on the results of routine tests, held in November 2011 in the presence of representatives from JSC «Power Machine Building Alliance» at site of JSC «Nasosenergomash Sumy» in Sumy, pumps were accepted in accordance with technical documentations and customer’s requirements. The supply of feeding pumps to Ufimskaya TPP-5 was held in advance in December 2010.

Due to crisis situation at the market of house building, influenced the demand for heat energy, producing by the new station, in 2010 the project was stopped. However, in April 2011 The Board of Directors decided to continue the building of TPP-5 basing on updated project.

JSC «EnergoFront» will provide service assistance on commissioning and start-up when final stage of the construction of gas and steam unit.

At the second stage of construction our company will supply hydro coupling 562 SVTL 12 manufactured by VOITH to complete feeding pumps, and the some main line, circulation and condensate pumps.

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