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Supply of complex of pump equipment to Nizhnekamsk TPP

10 November 2011
The station is unique object of Russian energy industry in installed equipment, quantity and parameters of outlet technological steam, quantity of outlet chemical water.


Capacity is 880MW, heat capacity is 3 746 Gkal/h.

In 2011 it was decided to realize the project of modernization of boiler set in tire plant to renew equipment, reliability and increasing of operation capacity of the set.

General contractor: JSC “KamEnergoRemont”.
Engineering- Privolzhsk branch JSC “VNIPIenergoprom”.

The specialty of this project is the solution of the following tasks :
  • Replacement of worn-out pump (КНБ-3А,Б,200Д-5А) with electric motors to modern ones with increasing of pump capacity and fixing on the existing foundation;
  • Usage of VFD, and in connection, electric motors must be engineered to be operated with VFD to regulate the range of pump set inlet;
  • Provide min delivery terms to catch up with heating season.

Description of the suggested solution:

1. Main line pump СЭ-1250-140-11(Q=1250 m3/h, H=140m)
is used for dispensing water in heating nets.
Centrifugal horizontal pump, helical type, two-side impeller, two-staged with electric motor as drive. Antifriction bearing with grease on the run, O-ring seal.

Characteristic of pump СЭ 1250-140-11


In connection with short delivery period the specialists from JSC “EnergoFront”, JSC “Nasosenergomash “ Sumy” and NPTS “Anod” decided to supply standard pump СЭ 1250-140-11 and its modification for setting seals produced by NPTS “Anod”( max reliability with full removal of leaks in pump construction with set-in cooler) and their mounting on СЭ 1250-140-11 at the station with confirmation of warranty for the whole pump from JSC “Nasosenergomash “ Sumy”

2. Circulation pump АД 2000-1000-2(Q=2000m3/h, H=100m)
is used for dispensing water in water supply systems of industrial and city objects. Centrifugal horizontal pump, two-side impeller, two-staged with electric motor as drive with oil seal.

Characteristic of pump АД 2000-1000-2

3. Condensate pump KcB 90-155 is used for dispensing of condensate in steam nets of TPP, operating on organic fuel, and in systems of heating and water supply.
Vertical pump, with two bodies, section, with inner body, drive from electric motor.
O-ring seal.

Characteristic of pump KcB 90-155

4. Condensate pump KcД 140-140 is used for dispensing of condensate in steam nets of TPP, operating on organic fuel, and liquids equal in density, chemical activity and content of solid particles to condensate.
Pump centrifugal, horizontal, 3-stage with half-helical input, helical output, impeller of first stage of two-side input, impellers of other stages- one-side input, and drive from electric motor with oil seal.

Characteristic of condensate pump KcД 140-140


The pump set was made on the common frame with electric motor to simplify installation.

The realization of the project was pressed with short delivery period connected with urgency of heat net commissioning. Critical positions of the delivery were pumps KsB 90-155 with long production period and pump СЭ-1250-140 with required modifications of seal.

Some inspections of JSC “EnergoFront” and representatives from Nizhnekamsk TPP helped to change the priority of production program and shorten the production period.Well-arranged activities at site performed with Installation Company and representatives of manufacturers provided installation of seals with keeping full warranty of manufacturer.

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