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SYJVf-1410M electric motor for the needs of Yuzhnouralskaya TPP-2

20 May 2018

Yuzhnouralskaya TPP-2 is located in the Chelyabinsk region, on the territory of the MD «Uvelskiy municipal district». The territory of the construction site is located 9 km North-West of the district center Uvelskiy, near the town of Yuzhnouralsk on the left bank of the Uvelka river reservoir and the existing Yuzhnouralskaya TPP at a distance of about 5 km.

The main equipment of each power unit of Yuzhnouralskaya TPP-2 has one of the highest efficiency of the electric cycle in the industry – 56 - 58%. The main fuel of power units is natural gas.

Electric motor SYJVf-1410M big

WattagVoltageFrequencyambient temperatureRevolutionsKPILevel of protectionrated torque

In the framework of target program of increase of reliability of the equipment Yuzhnouralskaya TPP branch for power plant task was the purchase of emergency reserve of the electric drive motor of the circulating pump.

For this project, the specialists of LLC «EnergoFront» considered several options for electric motors of domestic and foreign production.

During the study of the technical side of the issue, the specialists of our company came to the decision to deliver a model that best meets the weight and technical characteristics - asynchronous electric squirrel-cage motor, rated voltage 6kV, rated current 179A, rated power 1500 kW, type «SYJVf-1410M UHL3 IM4011».

List of technical data:

  • engine type SYJVf-1410M;

  • power 1500 kW;

  • voltage 6000 V;

  • frequency 50 Hz;

  • rotation speed of 594 rpm;

  • stator current 179 A;

  • efficiency (at 100%/75%/50% ph) 96.0/96.1/95.7%;

  • engine IP55;

  • terminal box IP55;

  • design form according to en 60034-7 IM4011(v10);

  • rated torque 24114 Nm;

  • roller bearings;

  • total weight 10100 kg;

  • ambient temperature 0÷40°C.

Dimension drawing of the motor SYJVf-1410M

Dimension drawing of the motor SYJVf-1410M

This solution allows to minimize the time for repair, as the replacement of the motor is made without changing the installation sites and connection dimensions.

Thus, in view of the application of this solution, the size of the client's lost profit is reduced due to the downtime of the CCGT power unit due to the withdrawn circulation pump.

The electric motor will be installed on the circulation pump 1000-BQDV-1290-36, manufactured by SIGMA group.

The manufacturer company was established in 1947 in Wroclaw and was the main supplier of high-power electric machines from 1947 to 1990 on the Polish market. In addition, the company exported some of its products to post Soviet countries and other world markets under different brands, including Dolmel (state-owned enterprise) and ABB Dolmel Drives (a subsidiary of the global holding company ABB). DFME brand was created in 2003 as a result of the long-term program of restructuring of the state-owned enterprise Dolmel. Currently, 100% of the company's shares are owned by private investors. DFME designs and produces medium and high power electric machines generators and engines.

Project achievements

minimize the time for repair decrease further production risksreduction of production risksdecrease further production risksIncrease in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is appliedПодобранное оборудование не требует замены фундамента при инсталляции

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