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Supply of pumping equipment within the framework of the investment project «Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC «GSR TETS»

20 June 2018

The main activities of JSC «GSR TETS» is the production and transmission of heat energy and production of electricity. The CHP was put into operation in 1952. It produces thermal and electrical energy and produces base-loan output for external customers and for its own needs. Preparation of feed water for steam boilers and water of drinking quality for heating networks and hot water supply is carried out, the heating system is open. Natural gas is the main fuel for the CHP. Reserve fuel - fuel oil M-100.

The company operates a complex of heat supply facilities: the newly built CHP PSU «GSR Energo» (2014), the old Block-CHP-2 (1952), two hot water boilers, one boiler station, steam heating networks (28.9 km) and hot water (85.7 km).


Currently, the company is implementing an investment project «Modernization of the heat supply system of JSC «GSR TETS» within the approved by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Updated heat supply scheme of Saint-Petersburg.

The existing heat and power generating equipment of JSC «GSR TETS» was put into operation in 51-80 years of the last century. For such a long service life, it is morally and physically obsolete and no longer meets modern requirements in terms of efficiency and safety.

For several years, «EnergoFront» company has been cooperating with the representatives of JSC «GSR TETS» and the institute «Lonas Technologia» on this project, solving the task of selection and coordination of the pumping equipment group, necessary for the implementation of the specified project.

One of the requirements of the customer was the introduction of pumping equipment of a well-known and reliable Russian manufacturer. In accordance with the specified parameters, «EnergoFront» company proposed and agreed on the usage of modern network pumps of Delium series and pumps of the auxiliary production group of JSC «HMC Livgidromash». Currently, the network pumps of Delium series have a significant positive experience of supply and have proven themselves in working at power facilities.

The Delium series is a new generation of pumps with a two-way inlet and a horizontal housing connector. Delium series is created taking into account modern requirements to energy consumption, reliability and long service life.

Design features:

  • suction and discharge pipes are on the same line;

  • flange dimensions are performed according to DIN/ANSI/ISO;

  • dimensions of the chambers of the mechanical seals correspond to API 682 for the possibility of using seals from different manufacturers. A wide range of material designs provides the possibility of using pumps for all industries. A drive, an electric motor, a gasoline/diesel engine, a turbine can be used as a drive. Excellent suction capacity, low NPSH;

  • a high degree of unification of the main units for different sizes significantly reduces the cost of their maintenance;

  • oil seals or single/double end seals are used as shaft seals. Pumps for pumping liquids with solid inclusions are equipped with hydrocyclones;

  • bearings can be greased or lubricated in an oil bath. For the second option, there is an option with a cooling system. Bearings life is at least 100,000 hours;

  • the shaft is completely isolated from the pumped liquid;

  • use of wear-resistant materials for slotted seal rings. The design with replaceable rings on the impeller is provided;

  • modification with a hydrophobic coating allows to increase the efficiency and to reduce wear and erosion;

  • two-winding spiral in the body reduces the radial load on the shaft;

  • designed with reinforced bearings for improved reliability with heavy loads and under heavy conditions;

  • pumps were developed using 3D modeling methods. The flow section has been developed using modern computational fluid dynamics methods to achieve maximum efficiency;

  • use of at least two interchangeable wheels allows the pumps to be matched to any requirements;

  • reduced distance between bearings and optimized hydraulics decrease the life cycle cost of the pump. Vibration and temperature sensors can be applied or already installed in the bearing housing;

  • self-aligning pump housing cover makes installation much easier;

  • pumps can be supplied on a common frame with electric motors, and on a separate one.

Delium D300-720A-645-Ш/Н УХЛ.3.1 с электродвигателем АДЧР-800-6,0-4
Main technical characteristics of the pumping unit Delium D300-720A-645-SH/N UHL.3.1 with electric motor ADCHR-800-6,0-4

Графическая характеристика насосного агрегата Delium D300-720A-645-Ш/Н УХЛ.3.1
Graphics characteristics of the pumping unit Delium D300-720A-645-SH/N UHL.3.1

The main amount in the supply of pumping equipment by «EnergoFront» for JSC «GSR TETS» falls on network pumps of Delium series type D300-720A-645-SH/N UHL.3.1 (Q=1600 m3/h, H=140 m), equipped with ADCHR-800-6,0-4 electric motors designed to work with frequency converters. This project has become another example for «EnergoFront» company of how, thanks to years of hard work with all parties involved in the project, you can achieve the best result in the selection and coordination of equipment. Specialists of «EnergoFront» managed to solve several problems at the same time: to choose modern domestic equipment and significantly optimize the costs of its purchase and installation. In this project, the company implements its new competence in the implementation of installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment.

Pump D300-720A-645-SH/N UHL3.1


Currently, «EnergoFront» company signs a contract for the provision of services for installation supervision and installation of pumping equipment for the needs of this project with the general contractor. Given the importance of the project, the pumping equipment will be delivered to the facility as soon as possible.

Project achievements

Сокращение затрат на собственные нуждыMeeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied9.jpg

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