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Delivery of two asynchronous motors with a phase rotor AKN-800-6-600U1 for drive of soil pumps

20 July 2018

Joint stock company «Kaliningrad amber combine» was founded on 21 July, 1947 on the basis of the Koenigsberg amber manufactory. In early 2014, the plant was transferred to the State Corporation «Rostec» by the decree of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. «Kaliningrad amber combine» is the only enterprise in Russia, where industrial production of amber is conducted. The plant is located near the village of Yantarny (former Palmniken), where about 90% of the world's reserves of amber are concentrated, the age of which is about 50 million years. Every year the Amber Combine produces about 300 tons of raw materials. The reserves of the field are estimated at 116 thousand tons.

Electric motor AKNZ-800-6-600

WattagVoltageclimate design5.jpgcooling methodLevel of protection

In may 2018, as part of the modernization of the amber mining cycle at the Primorsky quarry, joint stock company «Kaliningrad Amber Combine» announced a tender for the supply of two asynchronous motors with a phase rotor for the drive of soil pumps GrUT-2000/63 manufactured by Tsimlyansky shipyard. Up to this point, at production were used electric motors AKNZ-630-6-600U3 produced by JSC «Ruselrpom», but with the increase in the required performance of pumps, their capacity turned out to be not enough.

«EnergoFront» company faced the task of selection and supply of electric motors, to which were presented additional requirements for protection and reliability: it is necessary to ensure the efficiency of electric motors when installed on the street at ambient temperature from -45 to +40 °C, given the high humidity of the region, the amount of precipitation and dust of the quarry.

In order to unify the equipment, it was decided to select electric motors AKNZ-800-6-600 produced by LLC «ZKEM». The engines produced by LLC «ZKEM» have already been used at the enterprise in other positions, they have good references and positive feedback from the maintenance service of the combine. To meet the requirements for the degree of protection, engine design has been revised: engine cooling method IC0161, motor protection degree IP54, terminal box degree of protection IP55.


Electric motor AKNZ-800-6-600

This project will be the first for «EnergoFront» company in the work with JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine» and we will be happy to confirm our status as a reliable partner and expert in drive equipment. Now, the engines are in production. At the request of the Customer, the production and delivery terms will be reduced as much as possible, so the supply of equipment is planned for the beginning of October 2018.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied9.jpgSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipment

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