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Supply of pump sets for Zatonskaya TPP

22 September 2016

Construction of TPP in Ufa

Construction of Zatonskaya TPP( former Ufimskaya TPP-5) including two gas and steam units with total capacity of 440 MW is the biggest investment project in the modern history of energy generating system of Bashkortostan. Under the first stage of the construction at the site of Zatonskaya TPP the main building, circulation pump station, closed distribution section, administration building, and the bodies of chimney-type cooling towers.


Drawing.1. Construction of gas and steam unit at Zatonskaya TPP

Construction of the TPP will help to overcome the lack of electric and heat energy that has been recently seen in Ufa. Electric capacity of Zatonskaya TPP-440MW, installed heat capacity- 290 Gkal/h. The volume of investments necessary to finish the construction is about 10 bil. rubles.

The construction activities at the site of the future TPP were started in 2008, although in 2010 the construction was frozen by the owner of the energy generating company because of no ways to get the invested money back. In 2012 the construction was renewed.

In spring 2015 LLC “Kaskad-Energo” being a part of company grouping “Tashir” was chosen to be a general contractor of the project . The customer of the construction is LLC “INTER RAO Engineering” and LLC”BGK”. LLC”Kaskad-Energo” is making complex finishing construction of thermal station including the main building, administration building, start boiler, laboratories with workshops, some transitions, chimney-type cooling towers, gas sections, some pump sections, engineering lines. The project also includes the construction of energy units and auxiliary assemblies. The start-up of energy units is planned for the third quarter of 2017.Less than in two years the new plant will provide hot water and heat to the citizens of Zatonskiy district of the city.

Pump sets for gas and steam units at Zatonskaya TPP

JSC “EnergoFront” has been participating as the supplier of pump equipment in the project of construction of the TPP since 2010 when we coordinated, made and supplied feeding pumps АПЭ-240-110 with electric motors 4АЗМ-1600/10000-У3 in the amount of 4 pcs. on the common frame for hydro coupling and electric motor for further possibility to set hydro coupling on it. At the same time in 2010-12 our company offered condensate pumps КсВ 200-220 in the amount of 12 pcs. for steam turbines and main line heaters, and main line pumps СЭ 1250-140-11 in the amount of 4 pcs. for the boiler that further were agreed as the main solution and included into the project for Zatonskaya TPP.

In 2013 our company offered a solution for regulation of frequency of pumps- hydro coupling made by VOITH Turbo to complete feeding pumps ПЭ 240-110 in the amount of 4 pcs. and for one main line pump that will be operated together with three other main line pumps without regulation. Further on this solution for the way of regulation of pumps was finally agreed by the authorities of the plant, and we were given initial data for the above mentioned sets with hydro coupling and electric motors mantled for design of preliminary project.

All the above mentioned pumps offered by JSC “EnergoFront” are made by JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy”, our reliable partner.

In autumn 2015 LLC “Kaskad-Energo” held the following tenders to gain the right to make contract to supply main pump sets for gas and steam units at Zatonskaya TPP:

1. Hydro couplings to complete feeding pumps АПЭ240-110 – 4 pcs.;

2. Main line pump set with hydro coupling and electric motor– 1pcs.;

3. Main line pump sets with electric motor - в количестве 3 pcs.;

4. Condensate pump sets with electric motor- 12 pcs.;

5. Circulation pump sets with electric motors– 4pcs.;

Several companies- representatives of manufacturers of Russian and foreign companies were competing in those tenders to gain the right to supply the equipment.

Having properly worked out the technical and commercial sides of the project , JSC “EnergoFront” won the tenders.

The advantages of JSC “EnergoFront” were: a great work to coordinate the above mentioned technical solutions on pump equipment, a good understanding of technical side of the project, complex offer from one plant on pump equipment, and , of course, having own service department for commissioning and start-up of pump sets.


Drawing.2. Hydro couplings Voith Turbo are ready for dispatch at store

Now all the equipment has been produced and supplied to Zatonskaya TPP. According to the contract the pump equipment was made taking into account quality control on different stages of production and successfully passed accepted witness tests.

Circulation pumps Delium for gas and steam unit at Zatonskaya TPP

We would like to focus on the solution on pumps made by our company.

Circulation pump station is combined with entrance bay and blocked with the space of distribution device-10 kW and local control shield. In the engine department of central pump section four circulation pump with capacity of 7250 m3/h each and flow 27,0 m. In summer duty four pumps will be working, in winter duty- 3 pumps ( 1pcs.- reserve). Pump sets are placed on common frame on zero mark. On water pressure main in the building of central pump section switching valves with electric drive and back flow valves are set.

The pump section is designed without constant presence of the staff. The control of pump station is automatic. There is local shield in the pump station and simultaneously there is the possibility to control circulation pumps and switching valves on pressure pipe-lines of circulation pumps.

Entrance bay is connected with the pool of condensation cooling tower via steel water pipe lines.

JSC “EnergoFront” offered circulation pumps Delium AD700-700 produced by JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy”. Pump with brand Delium are the new generation of pumps of double-side inlet with horizontal body joint. The pumps are made acc/ to modern requirements of energy consumption, reliability and long-term operation period. Hydraulics of the pumps is designed using modern ways of computer modeling.

The set consists of the pump and the electric motor placed on the common basement frame.

In the volume of supply there is a set of spare parts and tools, as well as operation documentation necessary to make commissioning, start-up operation, right and safe operation of the set.

The design of the pump – axial, horizontal, spiral type, single-stage with impellers of double inlet. Fixing of the set to the basement and water pipe to the pump is tight. The body of the pump is made from high-duty cast iron with half-spiral inlet and spiral outlet and it has horizontal joint. The rotor of the pump is a single assembly item and it consists of shaft, impeller, plugs and fixings. The impeller- cast steel and is fixed on the shaft in axial direction. Rotor is discharged from axial forces via usage of impeller of double-side inlet. The legs of rotor are antifriction bearings. The bearing from drive side suffers from radial force acting on rotor, from the other side- radial and residual axial force.

Efficiency of pump in operation point is 89%.


Drawing.3. Electric pump set Delium AD700-700


Drawing.4. Pump Delium AD700-700 at accepted witness tests

As drive for circulation pumps we offered electric motors Sh500HV8E (700kW, 750rp/m, 10kV) produced by Emit (Poland), having low noise level, high reliability and energy efficiency.


Drawing.5.Electric motor Emit at accepted tests

Commissioning and start-up

After the supply of the equipment according the contract specialists from service department of JSC “EnergoFront” in cooperation with engineering supervisors from JSC “Nasosenergomash”Sumy” and Voith Turbo will make commissioning and start-up of the pump sets as well as reconservation of the feeding pumps supplied in 2010 АПЭ240-110 and electric motors 4АЗМ-1600/10000-У3 supplied in 2010. The start of commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.

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