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Modernized ПЭ-580-185 for LLP “AES Ust-Kamenogorskaya TPP”

26 July 2016

LLP “AES Ust-Kamenogorskaya TPP” is a part of global energy generating company AES.

AES Corporation was founded in 1981 and now it is one of the leading companies in the world. Generating business of AES is shown in 17 countries on 4 continents with 37 power plants with total capacity of 30,000 MW.

LLP “AES Ust-Kamenogorskaya TPP” provides production of heat energy for large industrial companies and covers 80% of housing facility of Ust-Kamenogorsk as well as it is the biggest producer in East Kazakhstan region.


Photo №1 – Ust-Kamenogorskaya TPP

Technical Characteristics

Production: heat and electric power

Installed capacity: heat-962,9 Gkal/h, electric- 252,2 MW

Annual production of electric power-1445 million kW/h, heat-2, 469 Gkal

Current equipment- 9 boilers from 75 t/h to 500 t/h, 7 turbines with capacity from 4 to 120 MW

Staff number-515 people

Supply of the pump ПЭ-580-185-5 is included into the project of modernization of turbo aggregate №11. The project was started in 2013. The aim of reconstruction is increasing of capacity up to 120 MW.

During the preliminary working with the plant on the project of modernization of the turbo aggregate the following characteristics of feeding pump was found out:

Operation characteristics:

Inlet pressure P1 abs,not more than , кGs/см2


Temperature t, not less than °С


Aggregate capacity:

Nominal G nom, not less than t/h


Minimal Gmin, not more than t/h


Positive suction head, not less than,м


Capacity of pump, not less than, kW


Efficiency of pump,not less than %


Weight of pump, not more than, kg


According to the technical task the new pump must be fixed on the modernized basement, as the current basement was made for earlier dismantled pump ПЭ-500.

Specialists of LLP “EnergoFront” took into account all characteristics as well as requirement of the plant to fix the new pump on the modernized basement and offered pump set produced by JSC “Nasosenergomash”Sumy” ПЭ-580-185-5 that is the latest modern type. As a driven machine electric motor 4АЗМ-4000/6000-УХЛ4 produced by NPO”Elsib” was offered.


Photo№2 –feeding pump ПЭ-580-185-5

Modernized pump ПЭ-580-185-5 accumulates the latest achievement in industry and material, with the following volume of modernization:

• Modernized intermediate part of pump and optimization of correspondence of number of impeller blades and liners of pump diffusers that allows:

- increase vibration condition of bearing assembly of pump ( and aggregate on the whole) by means of excluding of disturbing harmonic component of radial force acting from diffusers on impellers;

- provide increasing of efficiency of pumps by 2-3%.

• Usage of wear-resistance material or covers to make impeller compactors and parts of cylinder pit of hydraulic balancing device increases the reliability of chambers operating under the conditions of excessive wear.

•Usage of face seal instead of groove seal ,that , as shown in calculation, under the condition of liquid extraction from hydraulic balancing device into inlet pipe allow to decrease by 4,6 mil kW/h of power for auxiliary needs connected with necessity to warm in airspeed tube 4,78 m3/ h of cold condensate with the temperature ≤ 40 °С, flowing into feeding line of the pump at groove seal, besides, excluding cold water inside the pump at face seal that improve warming of the outside body of the pump, being in stock.

•Seal rings of impellers and plugs of cylinder pit of hydraulic balancing device are made from chromo-molibden wear resistance alloy brand 60Х15МСЛ acc. to technical conditionТУ У 29.1-05785448-002-2001; this alloy is a substitution of КЭЧ 130Х15;
• Usage of washer of sealing made from expanded graphite made by “UNICHEMTEK”(Moscow) to seal the main connector of pump(“ outside body+ pressure head”) that allow to simplify the construction of this assembly, to make mantling easier and decrease by 15% the force of rundown of pins of general dimension, and. thus, tension in the;
• Changing in construction of pins for possibility to tighten them via hydraulic jack that decrease significantly labor costs and speed the process of their tightness that what is the most important thing- provide high exactness and steadiness of tightness of the pins.
• Usage of squeezer of rotor of the pump allow to increase reliability of the operation of discharge facility of pump via providing of guaranteed clearance in front pin at start and stop of pump.


Photo №3 – Volume of modernization of feeding pump ПЭ-580-185-5

In set with pump set there is also the set of spare parts and tools, operation manual as well as commissioning and start-up services that will be provided by certified specialists from JSC “EnergoFront”.

Taking into account the correspondence to technical task, high data of reliability and energy efficiency of the offered pump and optimal price of ПЭ-580-185-5, and the possibility of supply in shortest period, the offer from LLP “EnergoFront KZ” was considered the winner in this tender.

It should be mentioned that the important characteristic of the selection among the supplier was the period of supply, as the start of the turbo aggregate №11 is planned till the end of 2016. Due to the detailed preliminary work on the requirement and having partnership agreements with plants- manufacturers, LPP “EnergoFront KZ” got the obligation to supply the pump set within the shortest period- 5 months. Now the production of equipment is according to the schedule. The supply will be completed to LPP “AES Ust-Kamenogorskaya TPP”till 31,October 2016.

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