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Supply of circulation pumps at Severo-Zapadnaya TPP

21 November 2016

Severo-Zapadnaya TPP is the first Russian power plant of new generation with high economical and ecological technology of production of electric and heat energy, operating on gas and steam binary circle. It is one of the most modern plants not only in Russia but in Europe. Technology of gas and steam circle provides efficiency of 51, 1% whereas at the same aggregates this data doesn’t increase 40 %. According to its technical and economic data and the level of environment protection, the plant doesn’t have the analogue in Russia and it is the example to build new ones and modernization of the worn out ones.


Drawing. 1 Severo-Zapadnaya TPP branch of JSC “INTER RAO-Electrogeneration”.

On 1,May 2008 JSC “Severo-Zapadnaya TPP” was included as a production branch into power generating company JSC “INTER RAO UES”, but since 1,January 2012 the power plant has become a branch of JSC “INTER RAO- Electrogeneration”.

Now the installed capacity of the plant is 900 MW (2 energy units 450 MW each), installed heat capacity is 700 Gkal/h.

In July 2016 the tender to supply four circulation electric pumps of high pressure of waste heat boiler of energy unit №1 at Severo-Zapadnaya TPP under the investment project “Design, supply, and commissioning of four circulation electric pumps of high pressure of waste heat boiler of energy unit №1» was announced.

Circulation pumps of high pressure are used for forced circulation of boiler water in circuit of high pressure and increasing of steam productivity of waste heat boiler Пр-242/56-8/0,65-515/200 (П-90).

The specialty of circulation pumps of high pressure is high temperature of pumped fluid- more than 300 °С, as well as high pump inlet pressure-more than 90 bar.

Basing on the conditions of the tender for Severo-Zapadnaya TPP it was necessary to select pumps of high pressure- 4 pcs. for the current electric motor FLS 280 S Lerua-Somer, besides the pumps must correspond to the following characteristics:

Productivity, max./min., m3/h


Total head nom, m


Required NPSH, m


Rotation, rp/m


Capacity of drive, kW


Design pump pressure/auxiliary devices, bar abs. At temperature 307,2/100°С


Test pump pressure/auxiliary devices, bar abs.


Boiler water:


Temperature nom ./max/min.,°С;

Viscosity nom./max., mm2/s;

Specific weight nom./max./min., kg/dm3





Diameter of inlet suction Du , mm


Diameter on suction head Du, mm


Type of connection to technological piping


Besides high temperature of pumped fluid and high pump inlet pressure, the specific requirement from the plant was that the pump isn’t fixed on basement, but hung onto piping.

Specialists from JSC “EnergoFront” have chosen some solutions of our partners- producers to replace circulation pump of high pressure at Severo-Zapadnaya TPP. One of them was pumps type PRNR 250-32 produced by the French producer Ensival Moret that before they had been installed at unit 1 of Severo-Zapadnaya TPP since the start of construction and they have been working for about 20 years already.

Concern “Ensival-Moret” is the oldest in Europe producer of pump equipment and now it is included into top ten largest corporations equally to world brands such as Sulzer, KSB, Flowserve and others.

«Ensival-Moret» owns seven production areas (France, Belgium, China, Brazil, India) and fifteen service centers. Every plant is equipped with modern high-productivity machine work stations and machines for mechanical processing of details of different dimensions and different materials.


Drawing 2. Production area of Ensival-Moret

After the analysis of technical and economical sides of the offered solutions, we chose pumps produced by Ensival Moret for the tender at Severo-Zapadnaya TPP.

In this project the pumps Ensival Moret PRNR 250-32 had some advantages over the competitors:

- full adjustment of the current dimensions and necessary design dimensions( written in technical task) that will save the expenses for project and installation.

- the pumps correspond to current electric motor FLS 280 S Lerua-Somer in capacity, start and torque characteristics

-long experience of operation of pumps Ensival Moret PRNR 250-32 by specialists of the TPP.


Drawing 3.Pump PRNR produced by Ensival Moret

Specialists from Severo-Zapadnaya TPP wanted some improvements to be implemented into

PRNR 250-32, and, thus to increase their operation life.

Specialists of JSC “EnergoFront” together with representatives of works Ensival Moret analyzed operation of pumps Ensival Moret at Severo-Zapadnaya TPP, took into account all requirements of the TPP, and gave recommendations how to use condensate to cool sailing instead of technical water. Besides,to simplify dismantling of sailing and its regular cleaning, in new pumps the fixing assembly of cover plate of sailing box.


Drawing. 4 Section of pump PRNR 250-32

The above mentioned modernization will lead to improvement of operation of cooling system and thus it will increase the total operation life of pumps.

Taking into account complete correspondence of our offer to the requirements from the TPP and the all above mentioned advantages including saving expenses for design and installation our offer was chosen the best in the tender.

Now the contract between JSC “EnergoFront” and Severo-Zapadnaya TPP is being signed, and then the equipment will be put into production.

After the supply of equipment specialists of the service department of JSC “EnergoFront” will make supervisor and start-up and commissioning of pumps PRNR 250-32 Ensival Moret.

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