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Modernization of main line pump equipment of the 2nd stage of Tsentralnaya TPP (Electric generating station-2) of the branch of PJSC “TGK-1”

12 January 2017
Tsentralnaya TPP (Electric generating station-2)

Tsentralnaya TPP ( Electric generating station-2) was put into operation on 27, April 1897.

In 1929-1933 the global reconstruction of the plant was made, in fact it occurred to be making new modern one with modern Russian equipment. The old turbo generators and steam boilers were dismantled; the area of the plant was spread. The new building of boiler section was constructed and the turbine hall became larger. Two condensate turbines each 24 MW made by Leningrad metal works were set there as well as one cogeneration turbine 12MW, five boilers with boiling surface of 1500 m2. Electric capacity of city power generating GES-2 increased in five times from 13,5 to 67,5 MW, the plant started to distribute heat to consumers and became TPP.

In 1939-1940 the plant was again reconstructed thus its capacity increased to 92 MW. During the Siege the plant continued working and provided the city with heat and electric energy.

After the war the plant was modernized some times. In 1949-1952 three new boilers and two turbo aggregates were mounted, in 1967-1987 condensate and cogeneration turbines.

In 1970-1975 for the first time in the country two turbines were equipped with water cooling generators.

Tsentralnaya TPP ( Electric generating station-2)

Drawing.1. Tsentralnaya TPP ( Electric generating station-2)

Modernization of main line pump equipment

Complex modernization at Tsentralnaya TPP is one of the top projects of “TGK-1”. New equipment will increase quality and reliability of heat supply of the central part of the city.

Under the realization of the project of modernization of main line pump equipment of the 2nd stage it’s necessary to make design and research works, provide purchase of equipment, organize construction and start-up activities.

Aim of working: provide required flow of delivery water for the new consumers with modernization of pump equipment of the 2ndstage with increasing of productivity of pumps, and replacement of fittings in suction and discharge heads.

The current pump equipment of the 2ndstage:

Main line pumps of the 2ndstage ( 4 pcs.) brand 24 CД-15 have the following characteristics:

  • output capacity - 2500 m3/h;
  • head – 60 mlc;
  • static suction head at working temperature - 180 mlc;
  • rotation - 1485 rp/m;
  • input power - 460 kW;
  • temperature of pumped medium– 1050 С.

Total rated capacity of pumps of the 2nd stage pumps is 10000 m3/h.

Principal scheme of installation of pump equipment of the 2nd stage

Drawing.2.Principal scheme of installation of pump equipment of the 2nd stage

Project of modernization of main line pump equipment of the 2nd stage was designed basing on technical task. The project includes dismantling of the current main line pumps of the 2nd stage ( 2 pcs.) № СН-13, СН-14 brand 24 СД–15. Instead of the worn out ones the new pump aggregates type Delium D350-530А-а УХЛ3.1 (Q=2700m3/h, H=60m) on the common frame with the electric motor А4-400У-4МУ3 (630 kW, 6000V, 1500 rp/m) were installed.

After modernization the total rated capacity of pumps of the 2nd stage will be 10400 m3/h.

Main line pumps Delium for modernization of pump equipment at Tsentralnaya TPP (Electric generating station-2)

Under this project LLC ”EnergoFront” will supply main line pumps Delium D350-530А-а УХЛ3.1 (Q=2700m3/h, H=60m) produced by JSC “GMS Livhydromach” on the common frame with electric motor

А4-400У-4МУ3 (630 kW, 6000V, 1500 rp/m).

Pumps of brand Delium are new generation of doubled-sided inlet with horizontal casing joint.

The pumps were designed according to modern requirements to energy consumption, reliability and long term operation period. Hydraulics of pumps was designed basing on modern methods of computer modeling.

The aggregate consists of pump and electric motor set on the common frame. There is also the set of spare parts and tools, operational manual, necessary for installation, start-up and safe operation of the aggregate in the scope of delivery.

According to the construction of the pump this is centrifugal, horizontal, spiral type, single-stage with impellers of double inlet one. The fitting of aggregate to the basement and piping to the pump is hard.

The body is made from grey cast iron with semi-spiral input and spiral output. It has horizontal joint.

The rotor is a single assembly unit, and it’s consists of a shaft, an impeller, plugs and fittings. The impeller is cast iron and is fixed on the shaft in axial direction. The rotor is unloaded from axial force via usage of impeller of double input.

The support o rotor is antifriction bearings. The drive-end bearing bears radial loading forced on the rotor, from the other side- radial and remanent and axial.

Pump aggregate Delium D350-530А-а УХЛ3.1 with electric motor А4-400У-4МУ3

Drawing.3.Pump aggregate Delium D350-530А-аУХЛ3.1 with electric motorА4-400У-4МУ3

Commissioning and start-up

After the supply according to the contract, service specialists of LLC “EnergoFront” will make commissioning and start-up of the pumps. The start of assembling is planned for the third quarter of 2017.

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