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Construction of Pregolskaya TPP – major goals and objectives

28 March 2017

Now the Kaliningrad region receives electricity from Russia that comes through the territory of Lithuania. To ensure energy independence of the Kaliningrad region, the Russian government decided on the construction of additional generating capacity in the region.

In the Kaliningrad region in the Guryev area Pregolskaya thermal power plant with a capacity of 440 MW (CCGT 440 MW) is under construction. TPP will consist of four units of 110 MW each. TPP will be built for the needs of «Kaliningrad generation» LLC. The construction of the station should be completed in the third quarter of 2018.

General view of Pregolskaya TPP

Fig.1. General view of Pregolskaya TPP

Pregolskaya TPP will be located on the land plot of the existing Kaliningrad CHPP-2. The site was planned for the construction of CHPP-2. There are existing buildings and structures, railway tracks, engineering networks on the site (about 30 objects owned by JSC «Inter RAO - Electric Generation» on the right of ownership).

The station includes four combined-cycle plants with a capacity of 110 MW each and will consist of the following main equipment:

· Four gas turbines PG6111(FA), manufactured by «Russian Gas Turbines»;

· Four generators TF-90G-2U3, manufactured by NPO «ELSIB» PAO;

· Four steam turbines K-38-8.0, manufactured by OJSC «Power Machines»;

· Four heat recovery boilers, manufactured by JSC «Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk».

Pregolskaya TPP, which is under construction in Kaliningrad, will cover the half-peak part of the schedule of electric loads, in the range from ~ 60 to ~ 90% of the load.

Thus, the possible share of electricity generated by projected Pregolskaya TPP in Kaliningrad from the total electricity production at the Kaliningrad power system's power plants, taking into account the density of the electric load schedule, can be: (90% -60%) * 0.9 = 27%.

Condensate pumps for Pregolskaya TPP

In accordance with the terms of the contract, «Power Machines» will design, manufacture and supply to the customer «Kaliningrad generation» LLC four steam turbines «K-38» with a capacity of 38 MW produced by OJSC «Kaluga Turbine Plant» and four turbine generators to them.

Several companies representing manufacturers of domestic and imported pumps competed for the right to supply 8 condensate electric pump units for the needs of steam turbines «K-38» during the tender announced by OJSC «Kaluga Turbine Plant» (part of OJSC «Power Machines»). Our company managed to win the competition, thoroughly working on the technical and commercial side of the project, and as a result, offering the optimal solution. This solution turned out to be condensate electric pump units Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81 produced by KSB AG (Germany) with Siemens electric motor (200kW, 1500rpm, 0.4kV).

The electric pump unit Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81 (for the parameters Q = 200m3/h, H=222m) is designed for pumping clean or corrosive liquids that do not destroy the pump materials with chemical or mechanical properties.

Cross section of the pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81




pressure tube


hermetic body




bearing body


suction part


slide bearing


impeller suction part


idler roller


stage body




unloader piston


sealing chamber


shaft seal


rolling bearing

Fig.2. Cross section of the pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81

Multitec V section type pump with vertical design is made with radial inlet and radial flow outlet. The flow part is equipped with a separate bearing and connected to the engine with a coupling shaft. Gray cast iron of high quality is used as a structural material for the manufacture of parts and units, which allows the temperature of the pumped medium to be 140 °C. Multitec pumps have unique operating parameters: they provide working pressures up to 63 bar (pressure of a column of water up to 630 m), output capacity up to 850 m3/h. Such units have the following advantages: the corrosion resistance of parts and components; compact size with high power pumping; high energy efficiency; minimum cost of installation and connection; ease of maintenance.

The slide bearing is applied at the bottom of the pump, lubricated by the working fluid. In the drive – ball bearings with grease. Axial inlet is used with one gasket. The pump is filled with the shaft seal of the mechanical type. It is worth noting that the wearing parts of the unit can be easily replaced. All this minimizes the cost of periodic maintenance.

The pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81 (for the parameters: Q = 200m3 h, H = 222m) used in this project has excellent performance characteristics that distinguish it from domestic analogues - pumps of the type KsV200-220 or 1KsV200-220:

- Efficiency at the operating point: 77.2% - a significant reduction in the cost of electricity for own needs;

- Cavitation reserve at the operating point: 1.7 meters - requires less pressure under the condensate tank;

- Smoother flow-pressure characteristics - less wear of the control valve when the pump is running in underload mode;

- Modern flowing part and reliability - use of innovative materials for long smooth operation of the pump.

Characteristics of the pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81

Fig.3. Characteristics of the pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81

The Siemens 1LE series electric motors with high technical and operational characteristics were chosen as the electric drive of the pump Multitec V 150/6-11.2 10.81 (for the parameters N = 200kW, ω = 1500rpm, U = 0.4kV).

General view of the motor Siemens series 1LE

Fig.4 General view of the motor Siemens series 1LE

High degree of protection (IP55), low noise level (<76 dBA at a distance of 1 m), efficiency of 96% at full load, operating time for failure of 40 thousand hours allows us to classify Siemens electric motors as one of the best in class of 0,4 kV voltages.

The stator insulation of the motors is performed according to the SUPACT system: VPI (vacuum-pressure impregnation) from mica film and epoxy resin can be used continuously at a temperature of 155 °C (class F). The average duration of the operation of SUPACT coils is approximately 2.5 times greater, compared to the previous method (polyesterimide varnish). Electric motors are equipped with rolling bearings with a consistent smear, they are easy to operate, reliable and durable. All this will save financial and labor resources in the operation and repair of electric motors.

Aggregation and commissioning

Before the delivery of the equipment to the customer, a set of works on the aggregation of pumping units was carried out (installation of an electric motor on a pump with shaft alignment).

After the delivery of the equipment, the specialists of the Customer Service of «EnergoFront» LLC will provide services for the supervision of pump units.

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