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Supply of electric motors manufactured by NPO”Elsib” JSC to JSC “NAK “Azot”

16 May 2013


JSC “Novomoskovskiy Azot( former NPO “Azot”) was founded in 1933. It is now one of Russia's largest chemical enterprises: every ninth tone of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer in Russia is produced here.


Ammonia nitrate1,29
Ammonia nitrate0,42

JSC “Mineral chemical company “Eurochem”(ref.NAK “Azot” is a part of “Eurochem”) channels its investments to achieve greater efficiency, product flexibility and reduced environmental impact.

Under the program of modernization and technical re-equipment at the enterprise at the mineral fertilizer and acids workshop №2, section of weak nitric acid there occurred a necessity to replace worn out electric motors 2АЗМП-1600/6000УХЛ4 (1600kW, 6000V, 2973rpm) for the new modern electric motors.

For reference: production of weak nitric acid is one of important intermediate stages in production of concentrated nitric acid and mineral fertilizer.

Technological scheme of nitric acid production

Explosion –proof equipment is necessarily used in nitric acid production. This equipment must provide safe operation and high reliability. Thus, the main tasks of the investment project are:

• Replacement of electric motors for the new modern electric motors for the current equipment ( blowers K-540-41-1) and fittings

For reference: blower R-540-41-1 is single-cylinder 4-stages mechanism with single suction that is used to compress nitrous gases in nitric acid production

Centrifugal blower K-540-41-1

• To provide minimum delivery terms including installation.

As a result of the marketing survey the following equipment was selected: induction squirrel-cage explosion-proof electric motors 4АЗМП-1600/6000 УХЛ4 by NPO “Elsib” JSC. The type of electric motors 4АЗМП was designed instead of type 2АЗМП. This type differs with efficiency, little engineering service load, and low operational costs.

Technical data of electric motors:
Capacity - 1600kW
Speed - 2973rpm
Voltage - 6000V
Efficiency - 96,5 %
Соs ψ=0,89
Insulation class - F
Degree of protection - IP44
Explosion proof level - IExpIIT5

The selection of electric motor 4АЗМП-1600/6000 УХЛ4 was caused by the following factors:
1. Implementation of modern reliable equipment.
2. Standardization with current equipment.
3. Positive references about electric motors by NPO “Elsib” from operation departments.
4. Optimal delivery and installation terms.

Taking part in one stage of reconstruction and modernization of the enterprise JSC “EnergoFront” supplied electric motors ahead of time, thus provided continuous flow of output in JSC “NAK “Azot”.


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