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Izhevsk TPP

20 June 2013

Izhevsk TPP-1 is the first power station in the Republic of Udmurtiya built in 1934 according to GOELRO. Now the TPP provides heat to the most part of industrial companies of the city and supplies heat and hot water to two hundred thousand citizens of central districts of Izhevsk. Modern electric capacity of Izhevsk TPP-1- 69MW, heat capacity-556,5Gkal/hour.

Drawing 1. Izhevsk TPP-1

Reconstruction of TPP- main targets and tasks

Ground-breaking ceremony in new construction of new gas and steam unit at Izhevsk TPP-1 took place on 27th of April 2012.

The General Contractor of the project is JSC “E4 Group” against JSC “IES” order. JSC “E4 Group” makes a complex of work package including design of necessary documentation, construction and installation, supply of all complex of auxiliary equipment, participation in start-up operations and procedures for the assessment of generating equipment.

The project is construction of section of gas and steam unit with capacity of 230MW.It allows increasing the electric capacity at the TPP-1 by 4 times- from 69MW to 290MW, and heat capacity-about 715Gkal/h.

The project of reconstruction of Izhevsk TPP-1 is a part of IES-holding investment program. Under the reconstruction of the TPP the building of single section of gas and steam unit-230 on the basis of gas turbine unit ГТЭ-160, steam cogeneration turbine, double-pressure waste boiler is anticipated. Gas turbine ГТЭ-160 with capacity 160MW by LSC “Power machines” in set with waste boiler by JSC “EM-Alliance” and steam turbine T-75 by “Urals turbine works” with capacity of 75MW.

Drawing 2. The scheme of gas and steam unit under construction at Izhevsk TPP-1

Now to provide the city with electricity Udmurtiya brings the part of power from other regions. In case of breakdown there, there will be lack of its own power of TPP-1. Firstly, after the reconstruction the TPP will be able to produce 4 times more electric power; secondly, new electric distribution gear will be operated at the TPP that will increase the reliability of energy supply. All the above mentioned will allow to supply electricity to the city independently.

Besides, the new unit will increase production of heat to warm the city. In addition it will give the reserve to warm about 145 blocks of flats in the city.

The total amount of the project of reconstruction at Izhevsk TPP-1 is 11,5 milliard robles whereas the amount of credit funds of “Vnesheconombank” is 8,3 milliard robles.

Complex test start-up of the modernized TPP is planned for 31 December 2013, the procedure of assessment will take place till 1 July 2014.

Main –line electric pumps for Izhevsk TPP-1

During the tender bid declared by JSC “E4 Group” to supply three main-line electric pumps there were some company participants that represented Russian and foreign pump manufacturers. Our company managed to with the tender having worked the technical and commercial aspects of the project in details and as a result to give the optimal solution. This solution was main-line electric pumps АСЭ-1700-100 by JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” Ukraine, in set with electric motors by “HYOSUNG CORPORATION” South Korea, and hydro coupling by “VOITH Turbo” Germany.

Electric pump unit АСЭ 1700-100 (drawing 3)( Q=1800 m3/h, H=90m) is used to dispense water in heating nets.

Drawing 3. Electric pump unit АСЭ 1700-100

The unit consists of pump, motor, regulating hydro coupling with heat-exchange unit and pipes mounted on the common foundation basement.

Torque transfer from the motor to hydro coupling and from hydro coupling to pump is done by means of flexible couplings.

To provide control over important parameter, automation control at start and stall, automatic blackout under intolerable runaway from technological parameter the unit is equipped with automation control system acc. to technical requirements.

The spare parts and tools, operational manuals to make installation, commissioning and start-up are in scope of delivery.

Acc. to mounting arrangement the pump is centrifugal horizontal, spiral type, single-stage with impellers of double inlet. The fitting of the unit to the basement and the pipes to the pump is rigid. The body of the pump is cast steel with semi-spiraling input and spiraling output, and has horizontal plug and socket unit. The rotor of pump is separate assembly and it consists of shaft, impellers, plugs, oil wiper and fittings. Impellers are cast, fixed on the shaft in axial direction through plugs with round screws.

The rotor is unloaded from axial loads by means of impellers of double inlet. The rests of the rotor are antifriction bearings. The bearing from DE bears radial load on the rotor, on the opposite side-radial and residual loads.

Efficiency of the pump is 88%.

Drawing 4 . Characteristics of pump СЭ 1700-100 (Q=1800 m3/h, H=90m)

As a drive of АСЭ 1700-100 electric motors HSFC 400 by “HYOSUNG CORPORATION”( N=630kW, U=6kV, ω=1500rpm) which have high technical and operational characteristics.

High degree of protection (IP54), noise level pressure (< 79dBA at the distance of 1 m), efficiency 95,5% at full load allow to determine HYOSING motors to one of the best ones in power class 1-2MW.

Insulation of stator of motors is executed acc. to SUPACT system: (vacuum-pressure impregnation) from mica membrane and epoxide resin and it could be used at the temperature 1800C (H class). The average lifetime of SUPACT spool is about 2,5 times longer than the former method( polyesterimide enamel).Electric motors are equipped with antifriction bearings with grease lubricant. They are easy to operate, reliable and durable. On the whole it will reduce the costs, save human resources at operation and repair of electric motors.

Drawing 5. Electric motor type HSFC

Aimed for soft variation of speed of rotor of pump during the coordination of pump and hydraulic system integration hydro couplings 650 SVTLs 21.2 manufactured by “VOITH Turbo”( Germany) leading enterprise of hydrodynamic drives were selected.

The main advantages of regulated hydro couplings- high response rate and control accuracy, limited investments in comparison with other speed regulation systems, oil supply of the units, damping vibrations and impacts- became the basis of successful implementation of this equipment into the project.

Drawing 6. Hydro coupling VOITH type SVTL

Test routines of the equipment

The test routines are performed to make consistency control over requirements of technical conditions of manufacturer and design documentation as well as control over production quality and assembling. The data to control: application, mounting, design ergonomic safety. the customer’s requirement all the equipment must be finally tested at manufacturer.

Special attention is focused on hydraulic tests of pumps СЭ 1700-100 as received parameter (characteristics) must coincide with given parameter, and operational ability of the machine depends of them on the whole.

Determined characteristics: head, flow, cavitation, power, vibration and noise.

The tests were performed successfully; received characteristics coincide with the given ones. Acceptance tests were witness tests accompanied by the representatives of our company.

Basing on the result of performed tests and examination of the pumps, the act and test protocol were made with report on the conformity of pumps to technical documentation:

Drawing 7. Acceptance test protocol

Test routines of hydro coupling and electric motors at the manufacturers were also a success.

Building- block, contract supervision, commissioning and start-up

Before supply of equipment to the Client’s site our company makes preliminary building-block (installation of pump, hydro coupling and motor on the same frame, rough alignment) of pump units. These procedures will be done under control from EnergoFront service department by our partner -contractor which production field is near Izhevsk TPP-1. After supply of the equipment JSC “EnergoFront” will do commissioning and start-up services. Our service specialists in cooperation with erection supervisors from JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” and “VOITH Turbo” inspect mounting and start-up of pump units. The schedule plan of the services has already been agreed with the Customer. The start of mounting of the units is July-August 2013.

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