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Reconstruction of Petropavlovsk TPP-2

1 August 2013

Petropavlovsk TPP-2 being a part of JSC “SEVKAZENERGO” is one of the most powerful heat plants in Kazakhstan.Electric power produced by the plant is used not only by consumers of the North-Kazakhstan region but it is transferred to the united energy system of the North Kazakhstan and the Urals.

In 1961 the first stage of TPP-2 with capacity of 475 MW was put into operation that provided electric energy for the whole town for that time.

Now under the realization of investment program 2010-2015 on modernization of the plant due to perlacement of turbo generator №4 for the nee one, temporary capacity of the plant is 347MW.Realization of activities under the investment program will provide increasing of capacity by 88MW from 347MW up to 435MW.

Petropavlovsk TPP-2
Drawing 1. Petropavlovsk TPP-2

Company grouping “EnergoFront” took an active part in the project of reconstruction of Petropavlovsk TPP-2 in selection, agreement and delivery of high-voltage drives for the auxiliary mechanisms of the unit.

The selection of electric motors was specified by the following conditions:

    1. Usage of modern and reliable equipment.
    2. Max unification with other equipment.
    3. Positive reference for electric motors by NPO “Elsib” JSC from operation department.
    4. Optimal delivery, commissioning and start-up time.

Elelctric motors for the new boiler-set №8 under construction were supplied in cooperation with JSC “Sibenergomash”:

    -electric motors 2АДО-400/250-6000-6/8У1 (400/250кW, 6кV, 1000/750 rpm) by NPO “Elsib” JSC in amount of 4 pcs for the drive of blow fan ВДН-20К;
    - electric motors 2АДО-630/400-6000-8/10У1 (630/400кW, 6кV, 750/600 rpm) by NPO “Elsib” JSC in amount of 2 pcs for the drive of exhauster ДН22х2ФК.

Outline sketch
Drawing 2. Outline sketch

To provide 100% reserve of the equipment the drives for draft mechanisms of modernized boiler-set №6 were additionally supplied in 2013.

Electric motor 2АДО
Drawing 3. Electric motor 2АДО

Double-speed induction squirrel-cage electric motors type 2АДО.Electric motors are produced with one winding on stator and number of poles 6/8 and 8/10.They have horizontal design on legs with single shaft end. Cooling system-air-air, voltage-6000V, frequency-50Hz, antifriction bearings.

Service specialists from “EnergoFront” in cooperation with service staff from manufacturers’ side will provide commissioning and start-up assistance for all supplied equipment.Warranty period completely corresponds to the one given by the producers.

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