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Reconstruction of Kazan TPP-2

10 September 2013

Construction of Kazan TPP-2 was started in 1932. The first stage of the construction was finished in 1937, and in a year the first turbo generator and boiler were put into operation. Outputs of TPP were increased every ten years and till 1957 they came to 175 MW. In 1970-s the outputs reached 360 MW. Due to the collapse of the USSR the consumption was decreased, and outputs grew down till 190 MW. The needs of development and extension of power plant possibilities were caused by the plant “Kazanorgsintez” and other chemical companies as well as growth of industrial building in the region.In 2001 TPP became the first plant in the energy system of the capital of Tatarstan. TPP supplies power energy to near-by industrial companies and residential areas.

Reconstruction of TPP- main targets and tasks

Reconstruction of Kazan TPP-2 is being held to provide reliable power and heat supply for consumers from developing closing areas. The General contractor of the project is JSC “UK “KER-Holding” on the order of JSC “Generating Company”.

The part of the TPP under construction consists of two new energy units of gas and steam unit with electric/ heat power of 110 MW/ 74 Gkal/h each for combined production of electricity and heat( hot water), placed on the site of existing TPP located in the north part of Kazan.

РOperation of each energy unit of gas and steam set with output 110 MW is held acc to the scheme of utilizing gas and steam set with one gas turbine with output acc to ISO 70 MWe ±10 %, steam utilize boiler of two pressure without second firing and steam turbine with one regulated stage.

Construction of gas and steam unit has three stages:
1) preliminary period;
2) construction of gas and steam unit №1;
3) construction of gas and steam unit №2.

The output of each gas and steam unit:
- electric at generators outputs- 110 MW( condensation duty at +150C)
- heat -86 MW( 74Gkal/h) ( heat-extraction duty at -13,50C).

Drawing 1.Construction of gas and steam units in Kazan TPP-2

Gas and steam units will be put into operation in the 4 quarter of 2014 and 3 quarter of 2015.Thus the total output of the TPP will be increased in two times and come to 410 MW.

Electric pumps for gas and steam unit at Kazan TPP-2

JSC “UK “ KER-Holding” made some the following tenders to supply main pumps for energy units of Kazan TPP-2:
1. Main-line electric pump sets with regulated drives - 3 pcs.;
2. Submersible circulation pumps - 4 pcs.;
3. Condensate pumps - 8 pcs.;
4. Auxiliary closed-circuit pumps of anti-freezing system, gas turbine cooling, lift pump of cooling water, closed-circuit cooling pump - 12 pcs.

ЗSome companies-representatives of pump manufacturers of Russia and foreign countries competed at the tenders.

Worked out technical and commercial sides of the project thoroughly taking into account requirements for reliability and energy efficiency EnergoFront could win in these tenders suggested the most optimal solution: pump equipment KSB AG( Germany)- world leader of pump manufacturers for energy industry.
As for main-line electric pump sets with regulated drives it was suggested the following: main-line pumps RDLO 350-690 A SC GF ( Q=2700 m3/h, Н=135 m) by KSB AG (Germany) in set with hydro-coupling «Voith Turbo» and electric motors produced by «HYOSUNG CORPORATION»- 3 pcs.;

Drawing 2.Electric pump RDLO 350-690 A SC GF

The solution for submersible pumps: submersible circulation pumps Amarex KRT K400-630 produced by the concern KSB AG (Germany) in set with electric motors by Siemens (Germany) - 4 pcs.;

Drawing 3.Submersible circulation pump Amarex KRT K400-630

The solution for condensate pumps: condensate pumps Multitec V 150/ 6(Q=180 m3/h, Н=200 m) produced by the concern KSB AG (Germany) in set with electric motors Siemens (Germany)-8 pcs;

Drawing 4.Condensate pump Multitec V 150/ 6

The solution for auxiliary pumps: auxiliary closed-circuit pumps of anti-freezing system, gas turbine cooling, lift pump of cooling water, closed-circuit cooling pump produced by KSB AG (Germany) in set with electric motors Siemens (Germany).

EnergoFront specialists paid special attention to technical work out of main-line electric pumps and their completeness for gas and steam unit.

Main-line pumps for gas and steam unit at Kazan TPP-2

Heat –extraction sets of gas and steam units at Kazan TPP-2 will be operated simultaneously with heat-extraction equipment of the existing TPP. Heat supply system-closed, temperature duty 150/700C, with cutout 135/650C.

Heat-extraction set of the unit consists of main-line water boiler, steam turbine condensate cooler and water-to-water heat-extraction located at the section of gas boiler of condensate in utiliser -boiler. Main-line water is supplied to heat-extraction unit with main-line pumps which have regulated drive (hydro coupling).

Feeding of heat net is made with the equipment set at the existing TPP. Pump sets RDLO 350-690 A SC GF ( Q=2700 m3/h, Н=135 m) is used to deliver water in heat systems.

The set consists of pump, motor, regulated hydro coupling with heat- extractor on the common frame.

Torque transmission from the motor to hydro coupling and from the hydro coupling to the pump is done with geared flexible coupling produced by Flender (Germany).

To provide control over the important operation parameter, automation control in start and stall duties, automation switch off at intolerable deviation of technical parameter the set is equipped with automation control system in accordance with technical requirements.

There is a set of spare parts and tools, operation manual for start-up and commissioning in the scope of delivery to provide safe putting into operation.

Drawing 5.Pump RDLO 350-690 A SC GF

Pump design:
Pump body: scroll case with axial adapter and replaceable slot rings. Inlet and outlet nozzles (on another side of the case) are located on the same line (“Inline” design).
Impeller: double-flow radial impeller with double suction.
Pump shaft: the shaft is completely sealed towards the liquid. To protect the shaft in seal zone shaft sleeves are set. Shaft seal from drive view and end journal bearing are of front type.

The pump has antifriction bearings filled with long-life grease lubrication and fluid lubrication. Hard bearing is located from the drive end.

Pump efficiency in operation point is 86,6%.

Drawing 6.Characteristics of pump RDLO 350-690 A SC GF

As the drive for the pump RDLO 350-690 A SC GF the electric motor HSTC 450 produced by Korean concern «HYOSUNG CORPORATION» ( N=1300 kW, ω=1500rpm, U=6kV) having high technical and operation characteristics were selected.

High degree of protection (IP55), noise level (<79 dBA at 1 m), efficiency- 95,5% at full load, high operation reliability, long-life can call HYOSUNG motors one of the best in class 1-2 MW.

Stator insulation is done acc. to SUPACT: VPI (vacuum-pressure impregnation) from mica tape and epoxy can be continuously used at t=1800C (class H). Electric motors have antifriction bearings with grease lubrication. They can be easily operated, they are reliable and long-lived. All above mentioned will provide saving financial and human recourses during operation and repairing of electric motors.

Drawing 7.Electric motor type HSTC

To provide soft speed variation during coordination of characteristic of pump and hydraulic net hydro couplings 866 SVTL 22-12, 8 produced by “VOITH TURBO” (Germany) – the leader manufacturer of regulated hydrodynamic drives-were chosen.

The main advantages of regulated hydro couplings such as high reaction speed and control accuracy, gentle duty for motor, little investment costs comparing with other regulation systems became the parts of successful implementation of this equipment into the project.

Drawing 8.Hydro coupling Voith type SVTL

Testing of the equipment

Tests are held to control the conformity of specifications of manufacturer and design documentation, and to control quality of production and adjustment.

Acc. to the Customer’s requirements all the equipment must be tested at manufacturer’s site. Special attention is paid to hydraulic tests of pumps RDLO 350-690 A SC GF because achieved parameter must correspond to the initial ones, operation of the set depends on them completely.

Characteristics under testing: head, flow, energy, cavitation, vibration, and noise.

The tests were successfully held, final characteristics correspond to the initial ones.Basing on the results of tests the test routine report on the conformity was completed:

Drawing 9.Test routine report

Tests of hydro coupling and electric motors at producers’ sites were also successfully performed.

Commissioning and start-up

Now all the equipment was delivered to Kazan TPP-2 according to the contract terms. After the delivery EnergoFront service department in coordination with erection supervisors from “KSB AG” and “VOITH Turbo” will make commissioning and start-up of pump sets. The beginning of these activities is scheduled for the end of 2013.

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