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Abakan TPP Energy unit №4

19 March 2013

Abakan TPP is a part of JSC “Yenisei TGK” (“TGK-13”), and it is the largest heat power source in the republic of Khakassia.


Building of Abakan TPP started in 1972 from the construction of production building of startup boiler. In 1982 TPP was put into operation with one boiler set БКЗ-420 made by Barnaul boiler plant and turbo generator with capacity of 65MW. The birthday of the TPP is considered to be 18, April 1982 when the first megawatt-hour of electric power. In 2012 Abakan TPP produced more than 1, 74 billion kWh of electric power which became the record result for the 30-year history of the TPP.

The equipment of the TPP is four coal boiler sets БКЗ-420-140 with capacity 420 t/h, gas-and-oil- fire boiler ГМ-50-14-250 with capacity 50 t/h. TPP supplies energy in hot water and steam. Total heat capacity is 625 Gkal, heat capacity in turbo aggregates- 481 Gkal/hour, steam capacity- 1680 t/hour. In 2010 the supply of heat power was 1563, 88 thousand Gkal. Capacity of the TPP is 270 MW. There are three turbo generators with output 60, 100, and 110 MW.


Construction of energy unit №4

Assembling of the forth turbo generator to provide the cover of growth of electric loads and house construction in Abakan is planned in Abakan TPP. The project was supported by the federal government and now is realized under the contracts of power supply.

Besides, putting into operation of the new energy unit will allow closing some old boilers that will increase reliability of heat supply and improve ecological situation in the area.

Finally capacity of Abakan TPP will be increased by 1/3 – to 390 megawatt, heat capacity will increase by 100 Gkal/h and it will reach 725 Gkal/h.

Steam turbine type T-120/136-12,8-8МО, generator type ТВФ-125-2У3 and boiler E-500 made by “Sibenergomash” with steam capacity 500 t/h will be operated in TPP.

Start-up of new energy unit 120 MW is planned for 2014.


Company grouping “EnergoFront” took an active part in construction of new energy unit in Abakan TPP in selection, coordination and supply of drives (high voltage electric motors, including regulation system) to complete pump and mill sets, i.e.:

1. Squirrel-cage electric motor for the drive of feeding pump АПЭ 580-185-5.
2. Squirrel-cage electric motors for the drive of circulation pumps АД 12500-24М.
3. Wound electric motors (in set with start and breaking systems) for drive of mill-fans МВ2700/650/590.

EnergoFront service specialists in cooperation with manufacturers’ service staff will do commissioning and start-up. Warranty for the equipment is equal to the manufacturers’ warranty.

Squirrel-cage electric motor for the drive of feeding pump АПЭ 580-185-5

As a feeding pump the Customer chose pump ПЭ-580-185-5 made by JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” in set with hydro coupling by “VOITH Turbo GmbH & Co”, Germany. Our specialists faced the task to select the drive (electric motor) according to strict requirements of the Customer: seismicity- 7 MSK-64, noise level pressure-not more than 80 dBA), degree of protection (IP55), etc.

During the selection electric motor HSTC 630FP manufactured by “HYOSUNG Corporation”, South Korea.

Electric motor HSTC 630FP

Main characteristics of the motor:
Output- 4200kW
Voltage- 6000V
Frequency- 50Hz
Speed- 2964rpm
Efficiency-96, 2%
Degree of protection- IP55
Insulation class - F
Noise level pressure- 80±2dBA.

The electric motor was designed by “HYOSUNG” specialists acc. to all required characteristics. Application of electric motor HSTC 630FP as part of drive of АПЭ 580-185-5 was agreed with pump manufacturer (JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy”). Motor output was selected equal to pump output (taking into account hydro coupling).

Motor design allowed using motor without NVH casing. Acc. to Customer’s requirements electric motor has all necessary control detectors.

Dimensional drawing of electric motor HSTC 630FP

Speed-torque & current curve of electric motor HSTC 630FP

Squirrel-cage electric motors for the drive of circulation pumps АД 12500-24М

As drive of circulation pump EnergoFront specialists selected and supplied electric motors AH2-17-48-12У4 (1000kW, 6kV, and 500rpm) made by JSC “Large-Size Electric Machine Plant”, Novaya Kakhovka, Ukraine.

The motors have all necessary controllers (stator winding temperature detectors, bearing temperature detectors, vibration detectors).

Supply of two electric motors was made acc. to the schedule marked by the Customer.

Dimensional drawing of electric motor АН2-17-48-12У4

Wound electric motors (in set with start and breaking systems) for drive of mill-fans МВ2700/650/590.

The system of coal pulverizing for burning in boiler E-500 is four mill-fans which blow coal dust directly to the furnace, one of them is reserve.

Mill MB2700/650/590 with rotor diameter 2700 mm. Manufacturer of mill- “Syzran Heavy Machine Building Company” (now JSC “Tyazhmash”).

Drawing of mill-fan

Specialists of EnergoFront in cooperation with design departments from JSC “Tyazhmash” ,having studied all possible manufacturers, selected electric motors MB2700/650/590 by “HYOSUNG Corporation”, South Korea for drive of mill.

Outline drawing of electric motor HWTC 500

In this project special requirements were put to the drives and mechanisms. Seismicity-7 score, noise level- 80dBA.

Basing on datasheets and technical requirements specialists from EnergoFront selected the suitable electric motor due to the Customer’s requirements.

Under the technical audit and bidding induction wound electric motors HWTC 500 by “HYOSUNG” were selected.

The supply of electric motors was held by official representative of the manufacturer-“NPP TechnoProekt” JSC which specializes on modern and effective solutions.

Electric motors were designed for heavy conditions, including mills and grinders and have high degree of protection IP55. They can be operated both in dust area and outdoors. Electric motors provide soft start that positively effects to motor lifetime.

The scope of delivery of “NPP TechnoProekt”, JSC is electric motors, soft starters for wound motors, and dynamic breaking systems.

Soft starters for wound motors and dynamic breaking systems.

Acc. to Clause 3.4.11 of the Instruction (CO 153-34.03.352-2003) to decrease run-down time of mill-fans characterized by big moment of inertia, their electric drives must be completed with dynamic breaking systems.

“NPP TechnoProekt”, JSC in cooperation with JSC “Energokomplekt” designed soft starters for wound motors and dynamic breaking systems. As a result soft starter EK-AV6-0, 63-КЫ-М1 and dynamic breaking EK-DB-200-115 appeared.

Structure scheme of soft starter АДФР with dynamic breaking system

Algorithm of dynamic breaking:

1. Motor is disconnected from the net (switсh РУ-6kV).
2. Motor is connected with breaking system (switch in ШКР)
3. Breaking system (EX-DB) provides constant current to the motor and regulates it (decrease in breaking).
4. After complete stop, breaking system (EX-DB) switches off current
5. Motor disconnects from breaking system (switch ШКР)

Boxes of sort start АДФР and dynamic breaking

The system allows soft starting of electric motor and, if needed, stops of electric motor with mill in 4-6 min marked in datasheet whereas natural run-down time of motor with mechanism is 30-35 min.

The system also provides regulation of breaking time through changing of breaking current and its speed variations.

Thus, the requirements on fuel explosion proof are realized and fast stop and energy unit trip out are reached.

Realization of the project

“NPP TechnoProekt”, JSC supplied four electric motors HTWC 500 and four soft starters and dynamic breaking systems. All the equipment was supplied acc. to the schedule in good condition with necessary set of documents.

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