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Supply of the electric motors for the needs of the branches of LLC Far Eastern Generating Company

22 February 2021

EnergoFront continues to actively develop relations with the main producer and supplier of energy in the Far East - the Far East Generation Company.


DGK JSC is the fourth largest territorial generating company in Russia in terms of installed capacity, formed as a result of the restructuring of energy companies that are part of the unified energy system of the Far East (UES of the East). DGK JSC includes power plants Amurenergo, Khabarovskenergo, Dalenergo, CJSC LuTEK and Neryungrinskaya GRES (South Yakutia), as well as main heating networks. The company's area of activity covers 1/10 of the territory of our country.

At the end of 2020 EnergoFront was recognized as the winner in the tender procedure for the supply of electric motors for solving various problems of the branches of Far Eastern Generating Company LLC - Neryungrinskaya SDPP, Komsomolskaya TPP-Z and Partizanskaya SDPP. The technical solution formed by our company was based on the products of the two largest domestic manufacturers of electric motors - NPO ELSIB and Ruselprom Electric Machines LLC.

The main tasks to be solved within the framework of this delivery:

Neryungrinskaya SDPP:

  • Replacement of the morally and physically obsolete 2АЗМ3150 / 6000 electric motor of the PE-380-185 feed pump within the framework of the project to modernize the feed pump fleet, preserving the foundation and ensuring the unification of the electric motors of the PEN.

  • Replacement of failed electric motors for various purposes within the framework of the repair program with modern analogues.

Komsomolskaya CHPP-3

  • Replacement of the morally and physically obsolete 2АЗМ4000 / 6000 electric motor of the PE-580-185 feed pump as part of the project to modernize the feed pump fleet while preserving the foundation and ensuring the unification of PENOV electric motors.

Partisan State District Power Plant

To drive the network pump as part of the investment project, a modern electric motor was required, equipped with a real-time condition monitoring system and the ability to supply the power cable from either side at the installation site.

To solve the set tasks, the EnergoFront specialists together with the factories have selected the following technical solution:

Electric motors of NPO ELSIB PJSC were selected to drive the feed pumps.

4AZM-3150 / 6000UKHL4 and 4AZM-4000 / 6000UKHL4 with adapter plates for installation on existing foundations, which ensures the unification of the feed pump electric motors.

4AZM-3150 / 6000UHL4

These electric motors produced by NPO ELSIB PJSC have a number of serious advantages:

  • insulation of the stator winding type "Monolit - 4", which increases the reliability and service life of the electric motor;

  • sleeve bearings with babbitt hardfacing inserts, which affects the maintainability of the unit.


For the needs of various purposes, as well as for the drive of network pumps, electric motors produced by LLC Ruselprom Electric Machines were selected: DAZO4-450X-8MU1 and a special engine A4S-400U-4MUZ, the distinctive features of which are:

  • location of the terminal box on each side for the possibility of supplying power from either side at the installation site;

  • the ability to install the SM-REM 877 MSDE.421451.010 monitoring system on the engine casing to display temperature and vibration indicators in real time.

These electric motors are widely used in various fields of industry and power engineering and have proven to be reliable machines.

All the electric motors are now in production. In accordance with the delivery schedule, electric motors produced by Ruselprom will be delivered to the Customer till the end of April 2021, and electric motors produced by Elsib till the end of June 2021.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentSelected equipment dosen`t require replacement of the base during installationModern highly effective equipment is applied

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