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Supply of the network pumping units Delium D350-450A of horizontal and vertical design within the framework of the DPM-2 project for the modernization of the equipment at Perm CHPP-9 of «T Plus» PJSC

20 April 2021

Permskaya CHPP-9 is the largest power plant in terms of installed thermal capacity of the Perm branch of the Russian private energy company «T Plus» PJSC. CHPP-9 provides energy for the oil refining industry (Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez) and is one of the main heat sources for the left-bank part of Perm.

Permskaya CHPP-9 «T Plus» PJSC

Since 2021, within the framework of the federal program DPM-2, PJSC "T Plus" starts modernizing the equipment of Perm CHPP-9. The station will be the first in the company to begin work on the renewal of the park, which is exhausting its capacity resource. The purpose of the modernization is to replace the turbine unit station No. 9, 10 and boiler station No. 9 to increase the generation of electricity for heat consumption, increase the efficiency of heat and electricity production with a decrease in the specific consumption of equivalent fuel for the electricity supply. After modernization the installed electric capacity of Permskaya CHPP-9 will be 465.9 MW, heat capacity - 1179.6 Gcal / h.

Also, as part of the current modernization, the network pumps of heating turbines st. No. 10, st. No. 9 of the first lift, which supply network water through heaters (PSG) to the suction of the pumps of the second lift, will be replaced. To provide consumers with the heat energy according to the project, it is necessary to install 3x50% of the network pump for each cogeneration turbine, a total of 6 pumping units.

The calculation and selection of the network pumps was developed jointly with the engineers of Zarubezhenergoproekt JSC. As part of this task, the EnergoFront specialists proposed a technical solution using a new generation of equipment - pumps of the Delium series - centrifugal double-inlet pumps with a horizontal casing, designed taking into account the modern requirements for the energy consumption, reliability and long service life. Delium pumps now have a significant positive supply track record and have proven themselves well in power generation applications.

The pumps fully comply with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of the 17th of July, 2015 N 719 "On confirmation of the production of industrial products in the territory of the Russian Federation", which is one of the most important conditions for the implementation of the project under the federal program DPM-2.

According to the CHP modernization project, the layout of the projected equipment was carried out in the conditions of the existing workshop and the building structures located in it, which required the use of units DV350-450A-435-Ch / Ch-t-UHL3.1 in the vertical execution. This solution made it possible to compactly place the equipment and fit it into the building structures of the workshop with the minimum possible restructuring.

Delium D350-450A


In addition, the mechanical shaft seals are used in the design of the pumps. And unlike previously operated SE pump units equipped with the bearings with crankcase lubrication with a cooling system, Delium pumps are equipped with grease lubricated rolling bearings and do not require cooling. Elimination of the cooling system allows you to reduce costs for your own needs.

Main technical characteristics DV350-450A-435-Ch / Ch-t-UHL3.1 - 3 pcs.
DV350-450A-435-Ch / Ch-t-UHL3.1

Main technical characteristics D350-450A-435-Ch / Ch-t-UHL3.1 - 3 pcs.
D350-450A-435-Ch / Ch-t-UHL3.1

Thanks to the modern pumping part with a two-spiral volute, the high efficiency (85%) with a flat operating characteristic is ensured. This will provide a wide range of system operating parameters with high efficiency.

EnergoFront contributes to the implementation of the federal DPM-2 program. Participating in such projects from the initial stage - the development of design and working documentation, our specialists continue to develop experience in full-cycle projects and make efforts to provide technical assistance to design organizations in determining operating parameters and selecting energy-efficient, modern equipment in a competitive market.

At the moment, the pumping units are in production. Due to the tight reconstruction schedule and the need to put network pumps into operation before the start of the heating season 21-22, their production is under constant control of EnergoFront and is moving in accordance with the manufacturing schedule developed with JSC HMS Livgidromash.

Project achievements

Modern highly effective equipment is appliedReduction of costs for own needsIncrease in reliability of the equipmentAchievement of the maximum unification

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