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Implementation of a fluid clutch on a network pump SE 1250-140-11 of the Kirishskaya GRES

20 May 2021

EnergoFront has completed a project for the implementation of a Voith adjustable hydraulic clutch at the network pumping unit SE 1250-140-11 of the Kirishskaya GRES.

Киришская ГРЭС

Kirishskaya GRES (officially - the branch of PJSC "OGK-2" - Kirishskaya GRES) - the largest thermal power plant of the UES of the North-West - is located in the city of Kirishi in the Leningrad Region on the Volkhov River, 150 km southeast of St. Petersburg.

In 2020 EnergoFront signed a contract for the design and survey work on the installation of a variable speed drive at the network pump st. No3B. The customer set the tasks to qualitatively design the installation of an adjustable fluid clutch on the existing network pump. To install the fluid clutch, it was required to displace the electric motor, leaving the pump itself in place. The implementation entailed re-routing of the heating network make-up pipeline, the development of a new common frame for the pumping unit and the installation of an automatic control system with connection and input of readings to the control room.

Our specialists have completed a working project with sections PZ, TH, TM, ATH, EM and the estimates.


PJSC Gazprom has chosen a Voith 650 SVTL 21.2 fluid clutch as a fluid clutch in terms of overall connection characteristics and equipment unification.

Voith 650 SVTL 21.2

The Voith Turbo concern is the largest manufacturer of fluid clutches in the world, capable of producing variable fluid clutches with a speed of up to 20,000 rpm and a capacity of up to 50 MW. In addition to standard adjustable fluid clutches, the Voith Turbo line includes fluid clutches with gears and multipliers, as well as fluid clutches with planetary gears.

  • Concern "Voith Turbo" was founded in 1956 in Crailsheim, Germany.
  • Production area - 112.000 m².
  • The Voith brand has existed for over 140 years.
  • 1867 - the first workshop.
  • 1880 - Heidenheim factory.
  • 2009 - turnover of more than 5 billion €, 40,000 employees.

The introduction of a fluid clutch reduces the consumption for auxiliary needs by reducing the power consumption of the pump (with a decrease in the rotational speed, the power consumption decreases in cubic dependence).

СЭ 1250-140-11

In addition, the introduction of a hydraulic clutch ensures automatic regulation of the supply of network water to the city without the intervention of the driver - according to the pressure sensor installed in the direct manifold. The need for the use of a throttling regulator, frequent repairs and replacement of the regulator due to erosion is eliminated, which means that the efficiency of the system generally increases.

Project achievements

Reduction of costs for own needsIncrease in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is appliedAchievement of the maximum unification

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