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Energy unit №5 (gas and steam unit-450,ПГУ-450) Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 (Saint-Petersburg).

25 October 2012

Modern history of Pravoberezhnaya TPP(JSC “NGK-1”) started at the end of 1980 when it was decided to reconstruct TPP-5, energy boilers and steam machines which had been constantly in operation since 1929.


The energy unit №1 at Pravoberezhnaya TPP was put in operation in 2006.To cover increased heating loads and to increase technical and economic indexes it was decided to modernize TPP and use modern steam and gas units.

Building of energy unit №2 started in 2007. In contrast to steam-power energy unit №1, energy unit №2 will produce electric and heat energy on the basis of modern gas and steam unit ПГУ-450T.It’s electric capacity will be 450MW, heat capacity -350 Gkal/h. Gas and steam unit ПГУ-450T is executed as “double-block” and includes two gas turbine units ГТЭ-160 by JSC “Power Machines”(LMZ) each with capacity of 150MW, two steam waste-heat boilers П-90 by JSC “ZIO Podolsk” and one steam turbine T-150-7,7 by JSC “Power Machines”( LMZ) with capacity of 150 MW.

Construction of new energy unit at Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 is one of priority projects in investment program of JSC “TGK-1” till 2015.

Start-up of energy unit №2 gas and steam unit-450, ПГУ-450 at Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5 is planned for the end of 2012.


General constructor of the project is JSC “UK OPEK”.
General design engineer of project is JSC ”North-West Power Engineering Center”.

Basing on the tender JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” became the supplier of pump equipment. JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” analyzed datasheets and selected optimal and modern modifications of pump sets by different manufacturers: JSC “Nasosenergomash Sumy”,JSC “ENA”, JSC “Kataisk Pump Plant”, JSC “Livny-nasos”(Livgidromash), JSC “Pump plant “Vzlet”, JSC “DSiN”, JSC “KSB”.

Condensate pumps by JSC “Nasosenergomash” ( vertical КсВ 320-85; KcB 320-160-3 and horizontal Kc 80-155-2, circulation pumps Д 2000-21-2) were supplied. All pumps were completed with sealing ends produced by JSC “Anod”.

Condensate pumps КсВ 320-85:

Condensate pump КсВ

Performance curves of pump КсВ 320-85

Конденсатные насосы Кс 80-155-2:

Condensate pump Kc

Performance curves of pump Кс 80-155-2

Condensate pumps КсВ 320-160-3:

Performance curves of pump КсВ 320-160-3

Pumps КсВ 320-160-3 were modernized in comparison with former types:

- modernized top thrust bearing;
- changed construction of oil cooler- completely sank in oil bath;
- hydraulic cyclone to supply filtered water to bottom bearing;
- material of front and mid-staged seals, bushing seal of balance piston- 30X13( in contrast with cast iron in КсВ 320-160-2);
- material of sections-20X13( in contrast with cast iron in КсВ 320-160-2);
- weld deposition in inlet housing (coupling with guide vanes of first stage), protect disk excluded from 20X13.

Circulation pump Д2000-21-2:

Pump type Д

Performance curves of pump Д2000-21-2

During 2011-2012 JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” supplied 67 pump sets of different manufacturers for construction of energy unit №2 at Pravoberezhnaya TPP-5.

All equipment was supplied acc. to contract delivery terms.


JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” made all service support, coordinated the work of installation companies, erection supervisors of different pump and seal ends manufacturers.


In November 2012 energy unit was successfully put in operation.

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