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Perm TPP-9 reconstruction

13 November 2012

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.

Perm TPP-9 is a power station located in Industrial district of the town of perm close to a big oil refinery plant “Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez”. Initially the station was built to meet the energy needs of this plant. Perm TPP-9 is a part of TGK-9 which in turn is a part of business division of IES-Holding “Generation Ural”. Electric capacity is 447MW, heat capacity- 1633,8 Gkal/h.( drawing 1).

Drawing 1. Perm TPP-9

Reconstruction of TPP-main targets and tasks

Under the project of reconstruction of Perm TPP-9(investment project IES-Holding “Ametist”) the main task is to shift steam-power unit of TPP to gas-steam cycle with installation of gas turbine and waste boiler. It allows increasing capacity of the station, its energy efficiency, and replacing worn equipment. Start-up of new units will decrease deficit of electric power in Perm-Zakamsk load center and increase reliability of power supply for consumptions.

Reconstruction of Perm TPP-9 is being held under the investment project DPM, signed by the Government of the Russian Federation and provides installation of gas turbine unit with output 165MW and waste boiler with total steam productivity of 230tonn/h.

For this project Russian equipment is used: JSC “Power Machines” manufactured gas turbine ГТЭ-160 (drawing2) and generator 180 MW.JSC “Togliatti Transformator” is the supplier of both unit transformer 225MW and main and auxiliary transformers.

Drawing 2. Gas turbine ГТЭ-160

For the first time in Russia JSC “EM’alliance” manufactured waste boiler with reheat which provides stable parameter of steam in all duties of gas turbine. It will provide high efficiency.

Parameter of reliability and energy effectiveness of technical system depends on parameter of each of its elements. That’s why it is so important to select supplier for main system of gas-steam unit.

Feeding pumps of high pressure for waste boiler TPP

Some Russian and foreign pump manufacturer reps took part in tender declared by JSC ‘Em’alliance” to supply two feeding pumps of high pressure (ПЭН ВД) of waste boiler. Our company won the competition, properly worked on the technical and commercial parts of the project, thus, offered optimal solution. The solution was feeding pump units АПЭ 315-130 by JSC “Nasosenergomash “Sumy” in set with electric motors by “Hyosung Corporation, South Korea, and hydro coupling by “VOITH Turbo”, Germany.

Pump ПЭ315-130(drawing 3) (parameters=Q=300m3/h, H=1465)-centrifugal, horizontal, sectional, multi-staged, one-side liquid input to the first stage. Unload of axial load for pump rotor is with balancing device chamber.

Drawing 3. Part of drawing ПЭН ВД ПЭ 315-130

Rotor support is sleeve bearings with forced lubrication. Oil station of hydro coupling is used forced lubrication of bearing assemblies. End seals are used as rotor end seals. Thermal barriers are used to exclude heat transfer on pump shaft to end seals and bearings.

Protection filter is on inlet nozzle of pump. There is intermediate stage nozzle of feeding water. Flexible plate coupling non-lubricated coupling is used to connect pump shafts and driven machine. Its usage will increase vibration characteristics and lifetime of bearing assemblies of machine. Pump, driven machine and auxiliaries are installed on the common welded frame.

Drawing 4. Characteristic of pump ПЭ 315-130

Electric motors by Korean concern “HYOSUNG Corporation” having high technical and operational characteristics were selected.

High degree of protection (IP55), min. noise level pressure (<79dB(A) at 1 m), efficiency 95,7% at full load prove that HYOSUNG electric motors 1-2 MW are one of the best in this class. Electric motors are equipped with self-lubricated sleeve bearings; they are easy-to work, reliable and long-term, besides, they don’t need oil station in contrast to bearings with forced lubrication. It will save finance and human resources at operation and repairing of electric motors.

Hydro couplings 562SVTL 12.1 by “VOITH Turbo”(Germany), leading manufacturer of regulation coupling in the world (drawing 5), were used for soft changing of pump rotor speed in coordination with pump characteristics and hydraulic net.

Drawing 5. Regulated hydro coupling by“VOITH Turbo”

The advantages of regulated hydro coupling are high reaction speed and regulation correctness, derated duty for driven machine, little investments, oil supply to machines, torsional damping and impact absorption became the basis for successful implementation of this equipment into the project.

Preliminary building-block approach of ПЭН ВД

Preliminary assembling of pump units took place at works in Saint-Petersburg with active participation of service department of JCS “EnergoFront” (drawing 6).

Preliminary assembling except obvious advantage –demonstration of pumps in operation to the client, has also invisible advantages-preliminary check of scope of delivery; diagnostics and debugging of equipment in operation allow minimizing time and financial resources of Customer.

Drawing 6. Pump unit АПЭ 315-130 at preliminary assembling

Equipment was transported to Perm TPP-9 in full complex with all technical documentation. Service specialists of JSC “EnergoFront” made schedule of installation to optimize the commissioning and start-up procedures and coordinate the work of erection specialists.

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