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Gusinoozyorsk GRES equipment modernization

10 October 2012

Gusinoozyorsk GRES is located in Zagustai valley on the shore of Lake Gusinyi in the Republic of Buryatia.Capacity-11000MW. For the years of operation GRES has worked more than 100 billiard kilowatt hour of electric energy. Now 1072 people work for GRES, and more than half of them have high education and secondary technical training.

Drawing 1. Gusinoozyorsk GRES

Under the program of modernization and technical re-equipment of energy units there occurred the necessity to replace existing feeding pumps ПЭ-380 for pumps with increased parameter and higher characteristics, due to increasing of energy unit capacity up to 200MW( current capacity-170MW) using existing basement and fitting.

Tasks of project:

    1) Replacement of worn pump units for modern with increased output of pump and using existing basement,
    2) Providing min. delivery term taking into account the period of reconstruction and put energy unit into operation

The selection of equipment was determined by:

    1. Usage of modern and reliable equipment.
    2. Max. unification with equipment in operation at pump station( external casing of pump is the same as in existing one).
    3. Optimal delivery and erection terms.

Pump ПЭ-580-185-5 by JSC “Nasosenergomash “Sumy” was offered as the optimal variant. This pump has detailed reference list, positive comments from maintenance departments, best ratio price/quality and it requires all technical specification of GRES.

Centrifugal pump, horizontal, many –staged one-side impeller, double casing with section inner casing, and drive from electric motor. Rotor support-sleeve bearing forced lubrication. End seals.

Drawing 2. Pump type ПЭ-58

Main сharacteristics:

TypeПЭ 580-185-5
Head ,m2030
Speed, rpm(synchr.)3000
Motor output, kW4000

Drawing 3. Characteristic of pump unit

Drawing 4. Accept as commissioned and fully operational of pump unit.

Equipment was supplied on time. Service support of commissioning and start-up realized by “EnergoFront” and manufacturers NPO “Elsib” JSC and JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” service departments. Reliability of equipment was proved by successful operation during the first heating season 2012-2013.

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