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New modern drives for conveyor at Kovdor GOK

30 August 2012

Kovdor GOK (Kovdor mining and processing combine) is a company located in the town of Kovdor, Murmansk region. Kovdor GOK-is the second manufacturer in volumes of extraction of apatite concentrate (raw material for phosphoric fertilizers) in Russia and the only manufacturer of baddeleite concentrate, major manufacturer of iron-ore concentrate.


Official opening of Kovdor GOK was 5, September 1962.
Since 2012 Kovdor GOK became the part of Mineral-chemical Company “EuroChem” which is the biggest manufacturer of mineral fertilizers.

Production volume of combine:
• iron ore- 5,70 million ton a year;
• apatite- 2,70 million ton a year;
• baddeleite- 8,85 thousand ton a year.

“EuroChem “strategy focuses on long-term sustainable development of JSC “Kovdor GOK”:
• increase of own raw material base
• expanding capacities
• increase of productivity
and is supported by investments.

Regular investment project ”Modernization of electric equipment” of “EuroChem” company, which Kovdor GOK started to realize, aims to increase productivity of equipment installed equipment at the combine.
Replacement of drives of trunk conveyor ЛТМП-160-5000-2 section ДКК of grinding factory: 5 wound electric motors АКНЗ-2-15-57-8У3 (800kW,6kV, 750rpm).


Trunk conveyor is used to take off coarse roaches and ores during their cyclic technology of extraction from open-casts.


During analysis of current situation main requirement to equipment were found out:
• limits in motor weight;
• keeping existing basement;
• decrease of running costs for installation and start-up services;
• modern and reliable equipment which provide security in operation and convenient service.

Being the official partner of EVIG Elektromotor Energy Kft,Hungary JSC “EnergoFront” in coordination with technical departments suggested technical solution on the basis of modern induction wound electric motor 3AHC500H8.

To increase reliability in operation (electric motors are used as drives of mechanisms with heavy start conditions) and comfort in service it was suggested:
• housing of service assembly of slip rings is executed portable horizontal to rotation axis, 2 windows to observe brush assembly at the top of housing.
• increased size of terminal box.
• heating of stator winding in inoperable condition.

Technical data of electric motor 3AHC500H8:
• Capacity: 800kW
• Voltage: 6000V
• Rated speed: 741rpm
• Mounting arrangement: IM1101
• Weight: 5250kg
• Degree of protection: IP54
• Method of cooling: ICA37
• Insulation: F
• Cosφ=0,85
• Stator current: 95,3A,
• Rotor current: 590A


Application of electric motors 3AHC500H8:
Enegry, oil extraction and processing, ore mining, metal industry, etc.

JSC “EnergoFront” supplied electric motors ahead of time. Accepting of electric motors took some stages, including witness tests at manufacturer.

Now JSC “EnergoFront” organizes installation, commissioning and start-up services in Kovdor.

This supply finished full circle of replacement of worn electric motors АКНЗ-2-15-57-8У3 for electric motors 3AHC500H8.


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