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Beryozovskaya GRES energy unit №3

20 August 2012

Since 2006 Beryozovskaya GRES became a part of OGK-4 which major share of stock belongs to German concern E.ON.

JSC “OGK-4” was rebranded to JSC “E.ON Russia” on 8 July 2011.

At the distance of many kilometers from the town of Sharypovo in Krasnoyarsk region the chimney of Beryozovskaya GRES can be seen. The chimney of 370meters high is one of the symbols of the town and the highest industrial object in Russia.


But it isn’t the only characteristic of the station. Beryozovskaya GRES has the unique scheme of fuel supply. Brown coal which is used at the station is transported directly from Beryozovsk field of Kansko-Achinsk coal-basin by 14,8-kilometers open conveyors.

The station is not completed with cooling towers- Beroyzovsk dam pond on the river Beresh is used for cooling.

The history of the station

Construction of Beryozovskaya GRES was started in 1976.According to the technical project 8 energy units 800MW each were supposed to be constructed. Thus, the capability was supposed to be 6400MW.The start of the first unit was on 1, December 1987; the second energy unit was started in April 1990.Then the financing of construction was abated. The project capability was 1600MW.Although soon after the start the capability of two current energy units was lowered from 1600MW to 1400MW. The reason was intensive slagging of heating area of boilers when operation with high-ash coal from Beryozovsk field at max. output. Specialists from the station worked out some measures to increase capability of boilers. Cleanout complex was implemented; modern diagnostic systems of slagging and automatic control of water blasting were used; optimization of duties and parameters of blasting was held. It helped to increase the capability of the station to 1500MW in January 2006.

Two energy units of Beryozovskaya GRES each 800MW have worked out more than 150 billion kW/h of energy power since starting. Number of staff is about 1000 people.

 Beryozovskaya GRES is the biggest supplier of energy power to the market, and besides, the station provides heat and hot water to industrial enterprises, offices and houses of the town of Sharypovo, villages Dubinino and Kholmogorskoe. Steam top-supported coal-fire boiler (single-furnace, T-Type) was successfully implemented at the station for the first time in history. It was produced at Podolsk power machine plant by name of Ordzhonikidze. Boiler П-67, capacity 2 650tonn of steam an hour at breakdown parameters.

Construction of energy unit №3

Construction of energy unit №3 with output 800MW at Beryozovskaya GRES in planned in the investment program of E.ON Russia. The contract with general contractor of the project JSC “Energoproekt” was signed in May 2011.

General engineering company –JSC”EMAllience”.Implementation of new energy unit is planned for the end of 2014.

As the scheme of pulverizing the system of 8 fan mills МВ3400/900/490 manufactured by JSC”Tyazhmash” symmetrically located around boiler set will be used. The scheme was already used in two existing units.

Task: Selection and supply of electric drives for fan mills МВ3400/900/490 for construction of energy unit №3.

At this station the system of pulverization for firing in boiler – 8 fan mills symmetrically located around boiler set blow pulverized coal in boiler furnace. Type of fan mills МВ3400/900/490 with rotor diameter 3400mm.Manufacturer of mills- Syzran power machine plant (now JSC ”Tyazhmash”).


Drawing of fan mill

Electric motors of mill drive

Basing on the results of tender electric motors ADOT-1000-6000-12UZ by NPO “Elsib” JSC were chosen.

The supply of electric motors were held by the official representative of the plant- JSC”NPP TechnoProekt”, that selected the most optimal and modern variants of drive basing on technical task and data sheets.


Outline drawing of electric motor

The selection of electric motor ADOT-1000-6000-12UZ was done due to its high operational characteristics, wide experience of usage, and high class of reliability.

Electric motors were designed especially for heavy starting conditions, including mills and grinders; they have high degree of protection IP54 and can be used both in dust indoors and outdoors.

They have armed slide bearing pedestal and can bear high impulse load and DOL start of heavy loaded mechanisms.


Exterior of electric motor ADOT-1000-6000-12UZ

Device of dynamic breaking

Acc. to Clause 3.4.11 of Instruction CO 153-34.03.352-2003) to decrease run-down time of fan mills characterized by high moment of inertia, fan mill must be completed with device of dynamic breaking.

JSC ”NPP TechnoProekt” in cooperation with JSC ”Energocomplect” engineered device of dynamic breaking to decrease run-down time of electric motors ADOT-1000-6000-12UZ .As a result of this cooperation device of dynamic breaking EK-DB-200-60UHL4.


Device of dynamic breaking

Function of device – supply of DC to two phases of stator.

As the breaking device thyristor rectifier EK-DB is used.

The scheme of breaking:

1. Motor disconnects from the net (RU-6KV).

2. Motor connects to device of breaking (ShKR)

3. EX-DB supplies DC to motor and regulates it (decrease in breaking process).

4. After complete stop EX-DB disconnects current.

5. Motor disconnects breaking device (ShKR).


Exterior of device of dynamic breaking

This device allows stopping electric motor with mill in 4-6 min, when natural run-out of electric motor with mechanism is 35-40 min. Heating of assemblies of electric motor doesn’t exceed heating DOL start of electric motors with mill that flavors life time of electric motors ADOT-1000-6000-12UZ .

The device also allows the possibility of breaking time regulation with changing of amount of breaking current and speed of its changing. Thus, a requirement on explosive safety of fuel delivery are realized, there occurs the possibility of fast stop and trip out the output of energy unit.

Realization of the project

Regarding to the conditions of the contract the supply of electric motors ADOT to Beryozovskaya GRES takes two stages 4 pcs in each. There are 2 electric motors RH and 2 electric motors LH. The device of dynamic breaking is supplied in the first stage (all 8 pcs) with first stage of electric motors.

JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” held the supply of the first stage of electric motors and all 8 devices of dynamic breaking. All the equipment was supplied on time with necessary set of documents.

Now the electric motors of the second stage are being manufactured. Delivery term to Final Customer ( Beryozovskaya GRES)-December 2012. After the supply of full scope of delivery JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” plans to hold commissioning and start-up of the equipment. Warranty for the equipment is according to the conditions of manufacturer.

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