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EnergoFront supplies modern mains pumps for the needs of the Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP within the framework of the national project "Accessible and comfortable housing for the citizens of Russia"

21 September 2020

Yugo-Zapadnaya Combined Heat and Power Plant is the newest energy facility in St. Petersburg. The foundation stone at the construction site appeared only in 2006. The first stage of the station was put into operation five years later.

During the construction of the station, steam-gas technologies of a binary cycle were used with the use of energy-efficient equipment and optimal distribution of loads between heat supply sources.

Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP operates in the Unified Energy System of Russia and supplies heat and electricity to residents of the dynamically developing regions of the South-West of St. Petersburg - a priority zone for investment housing construction in the city. The complex “Baltiyskaya Zhemchuzhina” is being built here, in Krasnoselsky and Kirovsky districts the city is building blocks within the framework of the national project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing”. The volume of residential and commercial development in this part of St. Petersburg may reach 7 million m2 by 2025.

Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP

The passport of the "South-Western Heat ElectroCentral" facility is indicated that the goals of the Long-Term Target Program of St. Petersburg "Design and Construction of the South-Western Heat Electro Central" are:

  • provision of sustainable and high-quality heat and power supply of consumers of the Kirov and Krasnoselsky districts of St. Petersburg, including objects of housing and civil construction, located within the borders of territories intended for the implementation of the priority activities;

  • implementation of energy saving policies by introducing energy efficient generating equipment and the optimal distribution of heat loads between heat sources.

Currently the construction of the second stage of the station is underway. Continuing cooperation with Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP JSC in the framework of supplies of equipment for the IV stage of the 2nd stage of construction of the Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP, EnergoFront was faced with the task of supplying network pumps to the station.

Held by the station, a tender for the choice of the supplier of network pumps , one of the requirements of the customer was announced: Purchase of pump equipment of a well-known and reliable Russian manufacturer.

In accordance with the requirements for pumping equipment, our company proposed and approved for use modern network pumps of the modern Delium series manufactured by HMS Livgidromash JSC.

The Delium series is a new generation of double inlet pumps with horizontal split casing. The Delium series was created taking into account modern requirements for energy consumption, reliability and long-term operation.

Design features of Delium pumps:

Design features of Delium pumps

Delium D300-720V-Sh/Ch-UHL3.1


Currently, network pumps of the Delium series have a significant positive experience in deliveries and have proven themselves well in operation at power facilities.

Having considered all the indicated advantages of pumps of the Delium series, Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP made a choice in favor of the pumps from this series of the D300-720V-Sh / Ch-tt-UHL3.1 type proposed for delivery, which will be supplied by EnergoFront in the amount of 2 pieces. The pumps will be made of high-strength nodular cast iron with double mechanical shaft seals. The pumps will be completed with electric motors АДЧР-1400-6,0-4У1-Р1, designed to work with frequency converters.

unit Delium D300-720V-Sh / Ch-TT-UHL.3.1 with electric motor ADCR-1400-6,0-4U1-P1
Main technical characteristics of the pump unit Delium D300-720V-Sh / Ch-TT-UHL.3.1 with electric motor ADCR-1400-6,0-4U1-P1

Graphical characteristics of the pump unit Delium D300-720V-Sh / Ch-TT-UHL.3.1
Graphical characteristics of the pump unit Delium D300-720V-Sh / Ch-TT-UHL.3.1

Grid electric pump units Delium D300-720V-Sh / Ch-tt-UHL3.1 were put into production and, in accordance with the terms of the contract, will be delivered to the Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP at the end of the 4th quarter of 2020.

Thus, by supplying modern energy-efficient equipment to the station, EnergoFront is contributing to the implementation of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to the Citizens of Russia".

Project achievements

Reduction of costs for own needsMeeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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