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Supply of a feed pumping unit APE-270-150-3 for Ufimskaya CHPP-3 LLC "Bashkir Generation Company"

20 October 2020

Ufimskaya CHPP-3 is a combined heat and power plant located in the city of Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, commissioned in 1954 and is part of the Bashkir Generation Company Limited Liability Company (PJSC Inter-RAO).


Ufimskaya CHPP-3 supplies heat energy in steam and hot water for heating needs, as well as electricity. The main consumers of steam are oil refining enterprises - PJSC Ufaorgsintez and a branch of PJSC ANK Bashneft - Bashneft-Novoil. Installed electric capacity - 95 MW, heat capacity - 992.8 Gcal/h. The main fuel is natural gas, the backup fuel is fuel oil.

Nowadays Ufimskaya CHPP-3 operates 6 feed pumps. The management of BGK LLC set the task of implementing a program for replacing outdated feed pumps to ensure the reliability of the station and, accordingly, uninterrupted heat supply to PJSC Bashneft facilities.

Together with the technical specialists of the EnergoFront company, the task of selecting a feed pump was worked out, taking into account the peculiarities of the operation and CHPP repair.

Pump APE-270-150-3


The main technical solutions are:

  • proposal of the APE-270-150-3 feed pump of Russian production by HMS Livgidromash JSC (Livny, Oryol region) with a modernized flow path;

  • modernized flow path of the pump;

  • increased efficiency;

  • block individual oil plant with air cooling, allowing to provide oil supply to the pumping unit, eliminating the use of a bulky outdated oil system with water cooling, as well as a stable temperature oil regime;

  • the use of a starting squeezing device, providing unloading of the axial force when starting the pump;

  • instead of the existing 2AZM 2000/6000 UHL4 electric motor, the 4AZM 2000/6000 UHL4 electric motor manufactured by NPO ELSIB OAO(PJSC) Novosibirsk was selected as a pump drive. As insulation of the stator winding of this motor, the modern reliable technology "Monolit-4" is used, which provides a working life of up to 30 years;

  • complete equipment of the pumping unit with an electric motor, fittings, vibration and axial displacement sensors, spare parts.

LLC "Bashkir Generation Company" held open competitive negotiations to which EnergoFront came up with a technical proposal that best meets Customer requirements with an optimal price proposal and tight delivery times.

The delivery of pumping equipment is scheduled under the contract for February 2021, but according to the task set by the specialists of BGK LLC, EnergoFront will make every effort to shorten the time and deliver in December 2020, as well as to carry out installation supervision.

Project achievements

Best price offerIncrease in reliability of the equipmentSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentMeeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilitymodern domestic equipment use

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