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Delivery of the synchronous turbo engine STDM-2000-23 UHL4 for the drive of the axial supercharger N-3400-21-1 for the needs of Moscow Metro.

22 December 2017

JSC «REP Holding» is a leading Russian power machine building enterprise, designer, manufacturer and supplier of new generation power machines. The company designs, manufactures and provides package supplies of power and electrical equipment for gas, oil, metallurgical and chemical industries, power generation and distribution facilities.

АО «РЭП Холдинг»

Today «REP Holding» is one of the key power engineering enterprises of Russia, specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative power products used for modernization of the gas transportation system, construction of modern power units and power stations in the oil and other industries.

JSC «REPH» has been chosen as the main supplier of the technological equipment within the framework of the project on modernization of the equipment of air supply of SUE «Moscow Metro». An important factor for decision-making was the fact of belonging of «Nevskiy zavod», which is a part of the holding, to the oldest industrial enterprises of Saint Petersburg. Today «Nevskiy zavod» is the leading power machine-building enterprise and the main manufacturer of axial superchargers in the territory of Russia.

During preparatory work on modernization of the equipment, a non-standard task demanding high-quality study has been revealed. At this stage, «EnergoFront» company has been involved as an expert in the field of the electric drive for the solution of the task of dimensions change of the engine and design of the additional equipment.

Originally, the STDM-2000-2 electric motor, produced by LLC Elektrotyazhmash-privod 1974 year of issue, has been installed at the project site. Nevertheless, the tunnel, which was used for supply of equipment 40 years ago, has been concreted. The only way to the site was a vertical well with sizes of 1980х1300 mm. The standard electric motor STDM-2000-23 could not be delivered to the site in view of discrepancy of dimensions. For the solution of this task «EnergoFront» company together with the engineering center of «Tyazhmash-privod» has developed ways of change of dimensions of the electric motor.

STDM-2000-23 UHL4

KVA capabilityWattagVoltageFrequencyRevolutionsNoise levelKPIOperation modeLevel of protectionEmbodiment

The second stage was development and design of a special frame providing vertical transportation of the electric motor in a well, its further path through the tunnel to the object and tumbling.

Аt last together with specialists of LLC «Energokomplect» an excitation control cabinet SHUV-2K-6,3-75D UHL4 with a possibility of reactor start-up has been developed. The algorithm of reactor start-up has been developed and approved with the customer. Besides, delivery of additional analog signals from the cabinet will be realized subsequently: electric motor current, wattage of the electric motor, wattless power of the electric motor.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentUnique solutionsModern highly effective equipment is applied

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