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Supply of a pumping unit to fields of JSC «Mangystraumunaigaz»

6 December 2017

JSC «Mangystraumunaigaz» is a Kazakhstan oil and gas company. The headquarters of the company is located in Aktau. «Mangystraumunaigaz» enters top five of the largest Kazakhstan oil and gas companies.

АО «Мангистаумунайгаз»

Within the framework of the project of modernization of the current equipment on fields of JSC «Mangystraumunaigaz» (to ensure and achieve effectiveness under the program «Energy efficiency 2020» using frequency converters) the specialists of LLP «EnergoFront KZ» had a task of supplying a pumping unit with control cabinet.

LLP «EnergoFront KZ» used for this project frequency converters produced in Kazakhstan with a local content share more than 50% that have established themselves in the area of oil and gas, as well as pumping units TsNS manufactured by JSC «Dimitrovgradhimmash».

The choice of the equipment was due to the following reasons:

1.     Special attention of the Customer to a high level of equipment reliability that corresponds to all modern demands and the level of security of explosion-proof.

2.     Maximum unification with existing equipment in operating fields.

3.     The suitable timing of supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment.

TsNS 60-132

oil temperaturehydrogen parametervolumetric gas contentparaffin contentoil densitykinematic viscositysaturation vapor pressureconstruction features

TsNS pumps are built for pumping moist (up to 90%) gas-saturated and commodity oil with the temperature up to 45%, with a density of 700-1050 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity of not more than 1,5x10-4 m2 /sec, having pH 7-8,5, saturation vapor pressure of not more than 665 GPa, gas content (volumetric) not more than 3%, paraffin not more than 20%, with content of mechanical impurities with the size of solid particles up to 0.2 mm and micro-hardness of 1.47 GPa – not more than 0.2% in systems inside fisheries collection, preparation and transportation of oil.

One of the main advantages of the pumping unit TsNS 60-132 is a double mechanical seal that is made as a separate assembly unit and is a o-module, designed to move the pump shaft at start up and in the process within 5 mm. The composition of the double seal includes main mechanical seal and additional slit seal. 

TsNs 60-132

Fig.2 The advantage of pump TsNs 60-132, double mechanical seal

Given the compliance with the technical requirements, high reliability and energy efficiency of the pumping unit, during trading on the decrease the application of LLP «KZ EnergoFront KZ» was recognized as the best in the auction. Supply is scheduled for December 2017 with carrying out the construction and commissioning supervision.

Project achievements

Best price offerMeeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilityMaximum unification with the equipment in fieldsSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentSuitable timing of equipment commissioning

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