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Replacement of the condensate pump in the Ammonia-2 shop of Apatit JSC (Cherepovets) with the modern KSB condensate pump

25 January 2018

PhosAgro PJSC is one of the leading vertically integrated producers of phosphate-based fertilizers in the world. One of the largest divisions of PhosAgro PJSC is Apatit JSC (Cherepovets, Vologda Region) (till 01.11.2017 – PhosAgro-Cherepovets JSC), whose specialization is to produce phosphate-based mineral fertilizers, phosphoric and sulphuric acids, aluminum fluoride, ammonia, carbamide, ammonium nitrate and fertilizers based on it.

Cherepovets production cluster of PhosAgro Group is Europe’s largest producer of phosphate-based fertilizers, phosphoric and sulphuric acids, as well as one of the leading producers of NPK fertilizers, ammonia and ammonium nitrate among Russian chemical industry enterprises.

ПАО «ФосАгро»

As the most effective way, the increase in production volumes is achieved by means of systematic reconstruction of production and replacement of obsolete equipment for PhosAgro PJSC; these works are conducted at the holding’s enterprises regularly.

Being built as a part of Cherepovets Azot OJSC, Ammonia production shop No. 2 (AM-2) turns 33 years old on May 16, 2018. During the period of the shop’s operation more than 13 million tonnes of products were produced – ammonia that is an indispensable raw material for the production of mineral fertilizers at the enterprises of Cherepovets chemical site and other plants of PhosAgro company. However, over the years of operation the equipment of the shop became obsolete by its parameters. With the entry of Cherepovets Azot into PhosAgro company (the year 2004), the large-scale reconstruction of the unit with the replacement of the equipment and the automation of the technological process has begun, and it is continued according to the schedule at the present time.

In particular, in the Block 4 of the AM-2 shop the condensate pumps for pumping of steam condensate were installed that over a long period of operation exhausted their lifetime and are subject to replacement.

Shop operation representatives approached EnergoFront company to obtain expert advice and subsequently proper replacement of the pumping equipment. EnergoFront specialists had a task to select modern pump units without introducing significant changes to the structure of the old foundation and to solve the problem of cavitation wear that leads to permanent destruction of the impellers of the condensate pump.

Having examined the assigned task in detail, EnergoFront company decided to offer a pump produced by KSB group of companies as a modern condensate pump; the company is a certified partner of KSB for 10 years.

The international KSB group of companies is a world-renowned producer of reliable pumping equipment for all industrial sectors, including the chemical sector.

For more than 140 years, KSB has been producing high-quality equipment, offering innovative solutions, conducting researches and developing new equipment.

Regardless of the complexity of the assigned tasks, KSB always offer the most optimal and cost-effective complete solution for any sector of application, taking all wishes of the customer and facility features into account.

The collaboration of KSB group of companies with Russia began in the '30s. During this time, lots of projects have been implemented, the results of which show the exclusiveness, the reliability and the capacity of KSB pumps to operate under the most “capricious” Russian conditions.

From a wide range of the KSB pumping equipment, taking the tasks assigned to them into account, EnergoFront specialists selected the RPH series pump, complementing it with the booster impeller (screw) as well as with the high performance electric motor produced by Siemens.

RPHI A8 080-280 (KSB) pump


Насос серии RРН

The RPH series pump is a horizontal pump with a volute casing and a transverse split. The version with a screw is available. The advantage of the RPH pump is the capacity to operate at high and low temperatures of pumped media, including aggressive ones, as well as when a small amount of solid substances is contained in the pumped liquid. A variety of design options of the RPH pump, as well as the wide range of form factors, allows for solving any task.

Watch the video with the visualization of the pump:

The RPH series single-stage process pump to API 610,10 standard is used in oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical enterprisers and power plants. It is reliable and effective for pumping liquids of various types. PRH process pump for the chemical and petrochemical industry has a volute casing with a radial split and is designed for pumping volumes up to 4800 cubic meters per hour with a pressure up to 110 bar. It complies with the requirements of API 610,10 and ISO 13709 (“heavy duty”) standards.

Advantages of RPH series pumps:

  • thanks to the variable position of the discharging device, depending on the position of the operation point, the axial thrust is significantly reduced, and the lifetime of the bearings is increased;

  • double spiral (from 80 in diameter) reduces axial thrust and prevents deflection of the shaft. This removes the thrust from the bearing support and the end-face seal;

  • end-face seals in the form of cartridges, according to ISO 24109/ API 682 standards, allow for easier installation and removal during maintenance works;

  • low operation costs – the availability of more than 70 hydraulic systems allows making optimal choice in accordance with API standard for achieving the highest efficiency coefficient;

  • long lifetime of end-face seals and bearing supports – the maximum shaft diameter allowed by API 610 standard limits deflection and vibration occurrence;

  • variability – the supply of flanges for any types of pipelines is available for all standards up to PN 100 (ASME, class 600);

  • reliability and durability – heavy cross-axial bearings exceed the requirements of API standard by 40 degrees;

  • environmentally friendly oil lubricant;

  • high efficiency coefficient, low value of net positive suction head (NPSH);

  • cost-effectiveness – when using a steel bearing bracket for the process pump with the built-in cooling fins, there is no need for a cooling system. The optional ventilation impeller prevents overheating at the working temperature up to 315 °C.

RPH series pumps

EnergoFront specialists prepared a report on the proposed pump:

The use of the RPH A8 080-280 pump with the booster impeller (screw) produced by KSB and created in accordance with API 610 standard for heavy duty operation will allow to increase the lifetime (life cycle) of this pump.
            The pump with the booster impeller (screw) will allow to reduce the required net positive suction head to 1.7 m that in its turn will allow to prevent cavitation wear, destruction of impellers, functional loss of bearings and groove seals due to the increased level of vibration – the situations that occur as a result of cavitation; consequently, this feature will allow reducing the cost of repairs and equipment downtime.
            API 610 pumps are produced with the axial positioning of the feet that will allow saving of the old foundation, if necessary, as well as cost reduction for pump replacement, additional increase in the equipment longevity thanks to the compensation of a thermal expansion during pump heating and thrust reduction on the flanges and the intermediate coupling.
            The pump will be installed on the high quality frame that will also be produced according to API 610 standard and which allows high quality priming without air voids. Equipping the frame with chutes and raised edges will allow collecting possible lubricant leakages, thus allowing the provision of labor safety technology (the prevention of oil ingress to the service areas).
            Thanks to the use of flanges with a nominal pressure of 40 bar, there will be no need to replace the counter flanges, to strengthen pump tube assemblies, their use will allow to withstand increased loads from interconnected pipelines due to the thermal expansion and insufficient compensation of forces and moments that affect pump tube assemblies.
            The pump is made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with a modern European Siemens explosion-proof electric motor (noise characteristic is up to 75 dBa). IP55 electric motor protection class allows to significantly reduce the probability of functional loss due to the ingress of dust or moisture.
            The coupling with the spacer to API 610 standard will allow to replace bearings and seals without the removal of the electric motor or the pump. Also, the use of this coupling with the spacer doesn’t result in an increase in the length of the pump unit.
            The use of the end-face seal to API 682 standard on the pump will allow to go without the supply of the cooling or sealing liquid. The circulation is ensured by means of the pump delivery pipe, all the piping is included in the pump set. Seals are made in the form of a cartridge which greatly simplifies its replacement and eliminates the possibility of its incorrect installation.
            The use of the roller bearings coupled with the oil lubricant will allow to significantly improve their lifetime in comparison with the consistent lubricant. The constant level oiler with the measuring glass allows to control the oil level and to add oil without the equipment shutdown.
            According to API 610 standard, the pump will undergo comprehensive tests that will allow to receive the equipment of maximum reliability that passed the strictest complete acceptance control.

Apatit JSC (Cherepovets) decided to entrust the supply of the modern condensate pump to EnergoFront company. At the present time the order is approved for production, it will be produced and supplied according to the terms specified in the contract.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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