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Yaiva GRES

10 June 2014

E.ON Russia

In 2005 on the basis of five power plants JSC “OGK-4” was formed consisting of power plants with capacity of 8630 MW: Surgut GRES-2, Beryozovskaya GRES, Shatura GRES, Smolensk GRES , and Yaiva GRES.

In 2007 the international energy concern “E.ON” acting in more than 30 countries worldwide bought control of JSC “OGK-4”. In July 2011 JSC “OGK-4” was renamed into JSC “E.ON Russia”.

Yaiva GRES


Drawing. 1 Steam and gas unit-400 at Yaiva GRES

Yaiva GRES is one of the branches of E.ON Russia situated in the village of Yaiva in Perm region. In 1955 the USSR Ministry of power stations approved a design of building of the GRES. The construction of energy unit №4 was finished in 1965 when Yaiva GRES reached project capacity 600MW.Fuel is natural gas and coal, capacity of energy units is 1024,6MW( including 424,6MW of the new steam and gas energy unit put into operation in the third quarter of 2011).The GRES is of great concern in providing constant electric power to such large companies as JSC “Uralkali”, the branch of “Azot”- JSC “Uralchem”, JSC “ Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA”, JSC “Solikamskbumprom”, branch of JSC “RZHD”-Sverdlovsk railway, and social sphere of towns and settlements of Verkhnekamie. Under the realization of investment program of “E.ON Russia” the new steam and gas energy unit with net efficiency of 56,6% was built at Yaiva GRES. During construction of steam and gas unit -400 of Yaiva GRES the advanced technologies were implemented : water treating section is unique in the world. Solemn commissioning ceremony took place in autumn 2011.

To provide reliable operation of the branch Yaiva GRES JSC “E.ON Russia” decided to form a reserve stock of electric motors of main auxiliary mechanisms of steam and gas unit-400.

Besides short supply period of equipment and competitive offer price the main criteria of selection of necessary equipment became providing maximum substitutability of reserve and operating electric motors in all mechanisms. 

The reserve was done in drives of mechanisms providing constant operation of the unit. The most difficult task was to select the analogy of Siemens electric motor for gas booster compressor GT 050 T5D1 produced by company group “Atlas Copco”. It is a radial-flow compressor with integrated single-crown helical cylindrical gearing and horizontal split of the body. GT seria is produced according to demanding standards of American Institute of Petroleum (API), i.e. API 617,Clause 3( gas),lubrication system is according to API 617 standard.

Short technical characteristics of the compressor:

Operation point Case C
Volumetric flow Vn (1,013 bar (a) 0 °C) nm3/h
Inlet mass flow kg/h 53 690
Inlet pressure stage 1 Bar (a) 4,7
Inlet temperature stage 1 °C -3
Gas pressure last stage Bar (a) 32,3
Outlet temperature last stage °C < 130
Driven shaft speed min-1 1 480
Max speed of pinion shaft min-1 24 642



Drawing. 2 .Gas booster compressor GT 050 T5D1

The driven element of gas booster compressor is three-phase squirrel cage induction motor 1SQ67164HX60-Z seria H-compact PLUS (7700кW, 6кV, 50 H, 1493 rpm, IP 55). Producer is Siemens Company. This electric motor is used as the drive of rotating machines used in industries or energy conversion. It differs high safety, long operation period and high reliability.




Drawing. 3 Electric motorH-compact PLUS produced by Siemens

JSC “EnergoFront” having analyzed modern market of manufacturers of electric motors and done thorough technical workover offered the most optimal solution from technical and commercial points-induction electric motor MGW-710A (7700kW, 4 P, B3R, 6000 V, 50 H, IP55) produced by WEG.

WEG Company is one of the world leading designer and producer of electric machines, frequency driven equipment and complex solutions in industrial automatization, production, transportation and distribution of energy. For its 50-year history WEG has settled in the first three leaders of world market and the company continues to improve its positions. Now WEG company is represented on five continents in more than one hundred counties. Starting from 2012 WEG corporation is the first and now the only company in the world which started serial production of electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor of high class of energy efficiency – IE4.

Due to recent startup of new enterprise to produce wind turbine and buying Austrian producer of gears-WattDrive , WEG continues to increase range of products and potential for solution of complex tasks in industrial projects.





Drawing. 4 Electric motors MGW produced by WEG


Technical audit of documentations and drawings of Siemens electric motor became the first stage in workout of offer for EnergoFront and WEG. For this analysis specialists from the biggest branches of WEG in Germany and Brazil were involved. Basing on the analysis the preliminary offer was formed and it was highly valued by JSC “E.ON Russia”.

The second stage was the visit of specialists from JSC “EnergoFront” ,WEG Russia and WEG Germany to Yaiva GRES to examine specialties in maintenance of gas booster compressor in operation duty and meeting with technical specialists of the GRES. The main point of the meeting was discussing the possibility of using WEG electric motor.

Within this visit the main issues required additional workout were coordinated, and the record was signed. Also the both-part decision on necessity of having additional approvement of electric drive with producer of compressor-Atlas Copco Energas.

The final stage in preparation of offer was  expert analysis of electric motor WEG by Atlas Copco Energas GmbH. Advanced package of required documentation was prepared and sent to Atlas Copco Energas by technical department of WEG Brazil.

Basing on the result of the analysis the specialists from Atlas Copco Energas sent official written confirmation on possibility to use WEG electric motor as drive of gas booster compressor GT 050 T5D1 operated at Yaiva GRES.


Drawing. 5 Report on analysis and official consent from Atlas Copco


The main requirement during coordination and workout of electric motor became the necessity of thorough correspondence to all technical data of the drive of compressor. It was required not only to set electric motor on the existing basement but also to provide full substitutability of the existing drive of Siemens.


Drawing. 6 Outline drawing of electric motor MGW-710A.

At the stage of giving the final offer the correspondence in electric and mechanical characteristics of motor was reached, constant operation at installation and start-up was guaranteed. Outline dimensions of the motor was brought into compliance. Changing of the existing basement is not required, cable runs are kept. For junction with compressor the original coupling is used and similar method of aggregation. The location of inlet branches for the water cooling system, system of forced oil feed to bearings, location of terminal box and T-boxes are identical. The completely similar set of detectors and auxiliary systems necessary for working efficiency of electric motor (temperature detectors, system of vibration control, anti-condensation system, forced lubricated bearings, pressure blow down system, etc.) are used.

The designed electric motor is integrated into own local automation control of gas booster compressor Atlas Copco and provides 100% of necessary data required for constant operation of the set and the unit on the whole.

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