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Supply of the inner housing of feed pump PE720-185-4 with rotor and motor 4АZМ 6300/6000 UHL4 (IAEL.528621.001) for the branch «Cherepetskaya TPP named after D.G. Zhimerin» of JSC «Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants»

20 October 2018

«Cherepetskaya TPP named after D.G. Zhimerin» is located in Suvorov, Tula region. Installed heat capacity: 172 Gcal/h. «Cherepetskaya TPP named after D.G. Zhimerin» is the first powerful steam turbine power plant in Europe, designed for ultra-high steam parameters (pressure 170 atmospheres, temperature 550°C). Currently, the installed capacity of the station is 450 MW.

4AZM 6300/6000 UHL4


As part of the target program to improve the reliability of the branch «Cherepetskaya TPP named after D.G. Zhimerin», «EnergoFront» company faced the task to supply the feed pump unit PE 720-185-4 with an electric motor. This unit was supposed to be placed in the emergency stock.

Given the cost of the unit, in the course of deep study of the technical side of the issue, the specialists of «EnergoFront» company proposed a solution to optimize the cost of the station for the purchase and repair. «EnergoFront» company will supply on the station upgraded inner housing of the feed pump PE720-185-4 with rotor and electric motor 4АZМ 6300/6000 UHL4 of the drive of this pump that will improve the efficiency and reliability of existing equipment.

PE 720-185-4

Dimensional sketch of the upgraded internal pump housing of the feed pump PE 720-185-4

The upgraded internal housing has the following advantages:

  • high-efficiency flow part with increased efficiency;

  • optimized first stage design, resistant to erosion wear;

  • low pump noise and vibration;

  • increased service life due to the usage of new construction materials;

  • damage prevention of the discharge cover of the pump housing using protection from erosion in hydraulic node discharge.

Supplied inner housing for the feed pump PE720-185-4 will be installed on a regular place without any additional work and changes of overall and connecting dimensions specified in the drawing РН17.029.101.00SB.

электродвигатель 4 АЗМ 6300/6000 УХЛ4

Dimensional sketch of the motor 4 AZM 6300/6000 UHL4

Specifications of the motor 4 AZM 6300/6000 UHL4:

  • electric motor capacity - 6300 kW;

  • voltage - 6000 V ± 10%;

  • number of turnovers - 3000 (synch.) rpm;;

  • frequency - 50 Hz;

  • rotation direction, when viewed from the side of the working end of the shaft (i.e., from the driven mechanism), right clockwise or left counter clockwise - 50 ± 2,5%;

  • standards - GOST R 52776-2007, TU16-528.339-87 (IAEL.528621.001);

  • rated current - 690 A;

  • starting current/rated current (multiplicity) - 5.9;

  • capacity factor - 0.9;

  • efficiency - 97.6%;

  • multiplicity of the initial torque - 0.95;

  • multiplicity of the maximum torque - 2,2;

  • performance - 1М1001;

  • degree of protection: motor - IP 44, terminal box - IP-55, outside fan - IP-20;

  • cooling - ICW37A71 according to GOST20459;

  • operating mode - S1;

  • thermal insulation/heat resistance - class F - GOST 8865;

  • stator insulation - thermosetting type «Monolit-4»;

  • plain bearings with forced lubrication system;

  • weight - 11 700 kg;

  • dynamic balancing of the rotor on the special machine;

  • installation height - up to 1000 m above sea level;

  • accessories: thermal resistance transducers with NSH Pt100 by three-wire connection scheme TS1388/1/-/2xPt100/-50+200/30/5/5/KMMFE/V/№5/GP and TS-1288/2-/2xPt100/-50+200/100/8/3/KMMFE/V/№5/GP TU 4211-012-1328997-2014;

  • warranty - 3 years;

  • service life - at least 30 years;

  • number of starts - 2 from the cold state, 1 from the hot, the total number of starts for the service life - 7500.

The solution proposed by «EnergoFront» company allowed reducing the costs of the station for the purchase of backup equipment, as the assembly unit is much more expensive than the internal body and engine. From the list of project achievements, it is important to note the reduction of time for emergency replacement and downtime of the unit, as it is much easier and faster to replace the internal housing of the feed pump than the assembly replacement. Moreover, in case of failure of the electric motor it will be possible to change only the electric motor, without dismantling the backup unit.

The technical solution developed by «EnergoFront» company is optimal for the customer in terms of efficiency and achieved effect.

Project achievements

Reduction of costs for own needsMeeting high requirements of the customer minimize the time for repair Achievement of the maximum unificationModern highly effective equipment is applied

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