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Supply of solution supply pumps of magnesium nitrate for «Azot» Branch of JSC «UCC «URALCHEM»

20 November 2018

Joint stock company «United chemical company «URALCHEM» (JSC «UCC «URALCHEM»), one of the largest companies in the market of mineral fertilizers in the Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern Europe. The company is the Russian leader in the production of ammonium nitrate, and ranks second in Russia in terms of production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.

«Azot» Branch of JSC «UCC «URALCHEM» is the only enterprise in Russia producing higher aliphatic amines, crystalline sodium nitrite, sodium and potassium nitrate. Production of the plant is noted by prestigious awards such as «Gold star» and «Golden globe». The main products manufactured by «Azot» Branch are ammonia, nitric acid, carbamide, nitrite-nitrate saltsand ammonium nitrate. «Azot» Branch of JSC «UCC «URALCHEM» is one of the first Russian producers of mineral fertilizers which has passed the procedure of registration of its products under European REACH regulation and officially confirmed the right to export products to the countries of the European Union.

Филиал «Азот» АО «ОХК «УРАЛХИМ»

For a long time, the engineers of the department of strong nitric acid tried to solve a common problem – a rapid wear of x45/54 pumps, pumping over magnesium nitrate solution in weak nitric acid.

In cooperation with JSC «UCC «URALCHEM» in 2016, «EnergoFront» company was brought to the solvation of the given task. First of all, we analyzed the pumped medium, which showed deviations from the design values. These values greatly complicated the task, because it was necessary to choose a pump resistant to corrosion, erosion and abrasive wear.

In the process of working out the problem, it was decided to go a non-standard way: at a time when most manufacturers of pumps for heavy-duty develop and implement new high-strength alloys resistant to pumped media, increasing the cost of production and the final cost of equipment, we picked up a completely new solution for this position - to reduce the speed of rotation of the working bodies of the pump.

The rotation speed of the rotors of Börger FL518 pump is 362 rpm, almost 3 times less than the rotation speed of the wheel of a centrifugal pump. Due to the low speed elements of the pump retain working condition for longer time.

Borger FL518 pump

These pumps can pump liquid with a high content of abrasive inclusions. Börger pump casing is completely covered by quick-release wear-resistant steel plates: they protect the pump casing from wear and reduce repair costs.

Конструкция насосов Börger

The design of Börger pumps is based on the MIP principle «Maintenance in place». This means that all BÖRGER rotary pumps can be operated by personnel without disassembly and disconnecting from the pipeline in a short time.

Обслуживания насоса Börger

Only one person and 0.8 m x 0.8 m platform are needed to maintain the pump.

Для обслуживания насоса необходим всего один человек и площадка размером 0,8 м X 0.8 м

The design of Börger pumps provides a special intermediate chamber between the hydraulic and mechanical parts of the pump. This chamber is filled with oil and when the shaft end seal fails, it will not allow the pumped liquid to get into the mechanical part of the pump.

Project achievements

Reduction of costs for own needsMeeting high requirements of the customer minimize the time for repair Modern highly effective equipment is applied

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