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Supply of thé electric motors for the needs of Neryungrinskaya SDPP, Far Eastern Generating Company JSC

20 July 2021

The structural subdivision "Neryungrinskaya SDPP" operates on the territory of Neryungri, Berkakit village, Serebryany Bor village, Chulman village. The structural unit includes Neryungrinskaya SDPP, Chulmanskaya CHPP and a hot water boiler room. This subdivision also includes all main heating networks of the city of Neryungri and nearby villages. The total installed capacity of the power sources of Neryungrinskaya SDPP: electric - 618 MW, heat - 1385 Gcal/hour.

Нерюнгринская ГРЭС

In the second quarter of 2021, EnergoFront was the winner in the tender procedure for the supply of electric motors for solving various problems to improve the reliability of the branch of Far Eastern Generating Company JSC - Neryungrinskaya SDPP. The technical solution formed by our company was based on the products of the two largest domestic manufacturers of electric motors - NPO ELSIB and LLC Ruselprom electrical machines.

    The main tasks to be solved within the framework of the program are to improve the reliability of the Neryungrinskaya SDPP:

  • replacement of the outdated and worn-out two-speed electric motor DAZO2-18-76-8 / 10U1 of the blower VDN-32B while preserving the foundation and ensuring the unification of the electric motors of the blowing fans;

  • replacement of two outdated and worn out electric motors DAZO2-17-44-8U1 of hammer mill MMT-2000/2590 / 750K with preservation of the foundation and ensuring unification of electric motors of hammer mills;

  • replacement of the outdated and worn out two-speed electric motor DAZO2-17-44-8 / 10U1 of the blower VDN-26 with the preservation of the foundation and ensuring the unification of the electric motors of the blowing fans;

  • replacement of obsolete and out-of-date electric motors for various general industrial purposes with modern analogues.

EnergoFront specialists, together with NPO ELSIB PJSC, selected electric motors 2ADO-S-1250 / 800-6000-8 / 10-R-U1, 2ADOT-800-6000-8-R-U1 to drive blow fans and a hammer mill 2ADO-630 / 400-6000-8-P-U1. The motors are manufactured in compliance with all overall and connecting dimensions for installation on existing foundations, which ensures the unification of electric motors, and also minimizes the cost of installation work. To replace electric motors for general industrial purposes, electric motors manufactured by LLC Ruselprom Electric Machines were selected, which are distinguished by improved technical and operational characteristics in comparison with analogues

2ADO-S-1250 / 800-6000-8 / 10-R-U1

    Electric motors produced by NPO ELSIB PJSC have a number of serious advantages:

  • insulation of the stator winding type "Monolit - 4", which increases the reliability and service life of the electric motor;

  • the mass of the motors is much lower, due to which it was possible to reduce the dynamic load on the foundation, as well as to ease the labor costs for installation;

  • the possibility of reversible operation of electric motors is provided to ensure unification;

  • due to increased dustiness at the installation site and to increase reliability, electric motors are manufactured with a degree of protection IP54;

  • in order to reduce the cost of electrical installation of electric motors, the atypical arrangement of the power cable outlet boxes has been agreed with the customer and the manufacturer.

Due to the tight deadline for repair work, as well as the approved plan for shutting down the equipment, in order to replace electric motors on traction-blowing mechanisms, DGK JSC set before our company the task of significantly reducing the production / shipment time of two-speed electric motors of the 2ADO series. Active work is underway with the manufacturing plant to optimize the timing of equipment production.

Upon delivery of the equipment, by the forces of service specialists of EnergoFront, as an official service partner, installation supervision and commissioning works of electric motors produced by NPO ELSIB will be carried out, which will make it possible to comply with the warranty requirements.

Project achievements

Increase in reliability of the equipmentAchievement of the maximum unificationModern highly effective equipment is applied

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