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Supply of a multiplier for the test bench of JSC "NasosEnergoMash" with a capacity of 8800 kW for the running in centrifugal pumps of high power

1 November 2021

ПАО «НасосЭнергоМаш»

One of the main elements of the technological equipment used in the test bench project is a multiplier that converts and transfers torque from the electric motor to the pump, while increasing the rotation speed from 3000 rpm to the required for pump operation 5225 rpm. and higher with the possibility of changing the rotation - reversing.

EnergoFront was faced with the task of selecting and supplying a multiplier for a test bench that meets all the requirements of JSC NasosEnergoMash.

The main criteria for choosing a manufacturer for this task were:

  • experience in the development and supply of high-speed high-power multipliers;

  • reverse execution of the multiplier;

  • compliance with the overall and connecting dimensions of the stand;

  • competitive price;

  • wide certification coverage in many industries.

Based on the results of the analysis of possible manufacturing plants, taking into account all the above criteria, the EnergoFront employees selected the NGC plant located in the city of Nanjing (Jiangsu province, China). Manufacturing plant NGC is one of the world leaders in the production of gear equipment and drive solutions.The use of the results of joint developments of the Chinese-German research team, the use of high-precision processing machines, coordinate measuring centers allow us to obtain the highest quality products at the output that meet the latest world standards.

In the process of the technical services of our company and NGC collaboration , taking into account the technical task received from JSC "NasosEnergoMash", the MTG40DW multiplier was selected for this installation.


Currently, the manufactured equipment has been successfully tested at the manufacturing plant and has already been shipped to the Customer for subsequent installation.

Project achievements

Meeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilityIncrease in reliability of the equipmentBest price offerSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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