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Execution of design, construction and installation works for the replacement of electric pumping units - circulation pumps at the North-West CHPP

1 December 2021

North-West CHPP is the first new-generation power plant in Russia with a highly economical and eco-friendly technology for the production of electrical and thermal energy, operating in a steam-gas binary cycle. It is one of the most modern stations not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. The combined cycle technology provides an efficiency of 51.5%, while in similar units this figure does not exceed 40%. In terms of its technical and economic indicators and the level of environmental protection, the station is unmatched in Russia and serves as a model for the construction of new and modernization of obsolete power plants.

Северо-Западная ТЭЦ

Continuing to remain a model of reliability to this day, North-West CHPP is continuously working to update the outdated fleet of pumping units. In 2021, within the framework of this program, the task was set to replace electric pump units of circulation pumps (hereinafter referred to as CP) type 96DV-3/28 MBMK produced by OJSC Uralgidromash in the amount of 2 pieces for the new CP in the amount of 2 pieces, which have optimal characteristics and high reliability.


The need to replace these units arose for the following reasons:

  • constant performance of frequent and expensive repairs of operated pumps;
  • lack of technical support from the manufacturer of the electric pump units;
  • long-term supply of spare parts for electric pump units.

On the 16th of November, 2021 EnergoFront was announced the winner of the tender for the implementation of design, construction and installation work to replace the above equipment.

At the moment, design and estimate documentation is being developed, which will include platforms for servicing pumping units, as well as an electrical part for connecting two new electric pumping units (6kV electric motors) to the existing power supply system. The selection of the optimal units will also be made based on the results of the design and survey work. The following manufacturers are considered: Uralgidromash, Sigma, KSB.

Also, when performing construction and installation work, the replacement of one lens compensator on one central pump, two check valves on the pressure pipeline to the shut-off valve at each central pump will be taken into account, dismantling of existing and installation of new service sites will be performed.

As a result of the above work, there will be such improvements as:

  • reduction in repair costs;
  • reducing the cost of electricity for own needs, due to the use of modern, advanced, energy-efficient electric pumping units;
  • increasing the simplicity and ease of maintenance of the central pump;
  • improving working conditions, increasing labor safety, reducing occupational morbidity due to a significant decrease in sound pressure (noise) in the working area of ​​the central pump;
  • elimination of costs due to non-delivery of capacities associated with emergency shutdown of the central pump.

The completion of design work is scheduled for the end of the 1st quarter of 2022, construction, installation and commissioning works - at the end of 2022.

Planned improvements

Meeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilityReduction of costs for own needsIncrease in reliability of the equipmentdecrease further production risksreduction of production risksminimize the time for repair

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