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Supply of pumping equipment for Salavatskaya TPP

20 June 2019

Salavatskaya CHPP (Central Heating and Power Plant) one of the oldest stations in Bashkortostan, was built to provide heat and electricity to the Salavat fuel and petrochemical plant and a small working village, which later “grew” into the city of Salavat. The first units were put in service in 1953. Today, the company supplies electrical energy, as well as thermal energy in steam and hot water for the needs of the city of Salavat.

Салаватская ТЭЦ

The project to modernize the electric power economy at the Salavatskaya CHPP was extremely relevant not only because of the outdated pumping units that are unable to provide high energy efficiency requirements. The changed requirements of the urban heat supply network set forward new parameters in which existing equipment operates in a non-nominal mode and cannot provide acceptable power consumption values, despite the presence of a frequency converter on one unit.

Thus, in the project study process the following tasks were set for the Energofront company:

  • costs reducing for own needs;

  • required parameters ensurance;

  • flat performance and pressure head characteristics for a possibility of the smooth control;

  • possibility to efficiently use a new equipment both during the heating and summer periods.

The raw data in the project were network requirements for different periods. During the heating period the electric power economy has to provide an expense of about 5000 m3/h with a pressure in the collector about 120-130 m, during the summer period the required total cost is about 2600 t/h.

For the targets solving, two Russian-made Delium D300-720A-650-Sh / N-UHL3.1 units were selected. These pumps are optimized for several operating modes and have the following parameters:


The new generation pumps Delium are created with the current requirements, reliability, long service life and have the following design features:

  • suction and discharge nozzles are on the same line;

  • shaft is completely isolated from the pumped liquid and the environment by protective plugs;

  • use of wear-resistant materials for split seal rings. Available with replaceable rings on the impeller;

  • double-volute coil in the housing reduces the radial load on the shaft, significantly prolonging the bearings endurance;

  • use SKF Bearings for improving the reliability of large loads and under the harsh conditions;

  • pumps have been developed using 3D modeling techniques. The flow part was developed using CFD modeling of hydrodynamic processes for maximum efficiency;

  • self-centering rotor and self-adjusting pump body cover make installation much easier.

Hydraulic characteristics of work of pumping units of Delium D300-720A-650-Sh/N-t UHL3.1 are given below

Графическая характеристика насосного агрегата Delium D300-720A-650-Ш/Н

Fig. 1. Graphic characteristic of a pumping unit Delium D300-720A-650-Sh/N 

New equipment in connection with an existing pump, the engine of which is equipped with a frequency converter, is able to provide the required flow of delivery water in all necessary modes. At the same time, the efficiency of new pumps will be about 80%, which will significantly reduce the costs for own needs and cover the modernization costs in less than 6 years.

Delium D300-720A-650-Sh / N-UHL3.1


Project achievements

Сокращение затрат на собственные нуждыloading new units in all modes of operationthe used equipment reductionMeeting high requirements of the customer modern domestic equipment use

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