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Delium network pumps supply D350-530A-530-SH/ N-tt

18 November 2019

Omsk CHP-4, which is a branch of TGK-11, is located in Omsk. The station provides electric and thermal energy to the Omsk Oil Refinery JSC (JSC Gazpromneft-ONPZ), as well as several residential areas of the city.

Омская ТЭЦ-4, являющаяся филиалом АО «ТГК-11», расположена в Омске.

At the beginning of 2018, the oil refinery informed TGK-11 JSC about the need for additional thermal energy supplied by the TPP-4 joint venture. At the same time, the coolant pressure in the supply pipe should be increased to a value of at least 80 m water column to ensure reliable and uninterrupted heat supply to production facilities.

Based on the hydraulic calculation, the specialists of the JV “CHP-4” suggested replacing the existing heat exchangers with new ones. However, the feasibility study showed the inefficiency of this approach.

As a solution to the task, EnergoFront suggested: replacing 6 obsolete pumping units «СЭ 2500-60» with new ones, which allow increasing the pressure in the supply pipe before the heat exchangers to 100 m.
This solution allows you to raise the parameters of the network water to the consumer to the required values, while maintaining the existing heat exchange equipment with minimal alterations to the system.

Our company’s specialists, together with HMS Livhydromash OJSC, developed a technical solution based on modern Delium brand network pumping units.
Due to the high efficiency of 88% in the nominal mode, it was possible to provide the required parameters of 2500 m³ / h with a pressure of 100 m, while the engine power was only 1000 kW.

Delium D350-530A-530 SH/ N-tt

Commercially available Delium D350-530A units have an impeller diameter of 510 mm, providing a head of 82 m with a nominal flow of 2500 m³ / h. As a result of the calculations, it was found possible to increase the diameter of the impeller to 530 mm, which provided the required head of 100 m with a nominal flow of 2500 m³ / h required by the consumer.

Delium D350-530A-530 SH/N-tt

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In addition, to ensure that the unit can operate at a temperature of 150 ℃, the pump casing was made of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite, and double mechanical shaft seals were used. Unlike replaceable SE pumping units equipped with crankcase lubricated bearings with a cooling system, Delium brand pumps are equipped with grease-lubricated rolling bearings and do not require cooling. The refusal of the cooling system reduces the cost of their own needs.

To ensure the uninterrupted production of both the JV “CHP-4” and JSC “Gazpromneft-ONPZ”, the installation of pumping units is supposed to be carried out in groups of two pumps with the dismantling of the existing network pumps.
EnergoFront, basing on the schedule of repair work, carried out at the joint venture CHP-4, have delivered pump units ahead of the contractual period by the beginning of the inter-heating period.
By now, with our participation, two groups of pumping units have been put into operation, providing heat energy to consumers, the installation of the third group of pumps is coming to an end.

Project achievements

Suitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentMeeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilityModern highly effective equipment is applied   

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