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Supply of a modernized feed pump to the Nizhnekamsk TPP

5 July 2020

Nizhnekamsk TPP (PTK-1) - a branch of TGK-16, is the largest industrial heating plant in the Republic of Tatarstan. Installed electric capacity - 880 MW. Installed heat capacity - 3 746 Gcal / h. Nizhnekamsk CHP provides electric and thermal energy to the largest enterprises of the petrochemicals, tire industry, and construction industry. The station is a link in a single industrial and economic complex for the production, transmission, distribution of electric and thermal energy.


Currently, 2 types of feed pumps are used at Nizhnekamsk TPP-1: PE500-180-2 (3) and PE580-185-2 (3). In the framework of the technical re-equipment project at Nizhnekamsk TPP-1, it is planned to replace the physically obsolete PE500-180-3 feed pump st.No5 with parameters Q = 500 m3 / h and N = 1950m with a modernized feed pump with the following parameters Q = 580 m3 / h, N = 2030m.

The main tasks of the project:

  • reduction of electricity losses for own needs;

  • additional electricity generation;

  • increase in the maximum productivity of the feed pump;

  • increase in energy efficiency of the feed pump;

  • increasing the efficiency of the production process;

  • improving the safety of the production process;

  • increase in the term of operation, reduction in the number of repairs of the main equipment, as well as shut-off and control valves.

As part of the technical re-equipment project, the following works are carried out at the station:

  • dismantling the old and installing a new pump;

  • connection of equipment, including instrumentation and automation equipment to control cabinets and to a power source;

  • installation of thermal insulation of newly mounted pipelines;

  • execution of installation and commissioning works;

  • performance of complex performance tests.

TGC-16 JSC announced a tender for the supply of a feed pump with the following parameters:


Having worked in detail on the technical and commercial side of the project, taking into account the requirements for reliability and energy efficiency, EnergoFront managed to win this competition by proposing the most optimal solution - the modernized feed pump APE500-180-6 produced by Sumy Plant Nasosenergomash JSC with overall and connection dimensions taking into account the installation on the existing foundation of the replaceable pump PE500-180-3.

The modernization of the APE500-180-6 feed pump line is aimed at improving such pumping equipment indicators as the technical and energy efficiency of pumps by increasing efficiency, as well as the durability and reliability of equipment by increasing the wear resistance of critical parts. The essence of modernization is to change the flow part of the pump by using structurally new impellers and guide vanes, as well as by finalizing the pump sections.

The efficiency of the upgraded APE500-180-6 pump at the operating point (Q = 580 m3 / h, N = 2030 m) is at least 83%.


Characteristics of the feed pump PE580-185-5

The PE500-180-6 feed pump is designed to supply stationary steam boilers with water up to 165 ° C. The pump is a centrifugal, horizontal, two-casing, multi-stage pump with automatic balancing of the rotor force by a hydraulic unloading device. The pump consists of an external housing, a suction cover, a pressure cover, an internal housing with a rotor, mechanical end seals, plain bearings, a base plate and auxiliary pipelines, the pump nozzles are directed vertically upward. The pump rotor consists of a shaft, impellers, unloading disk, thermowells, labyrinth rings and fasteners.

The transmission of torque from the electric motor to the pump is carried out using an elastic plate coupling.


The scope of supply includes: APE500-180-6 pump, oil installation, set of pipe fittings, advanced instrumentation (pressure, vibration, temperature, axial shift sensors), an expanded set of spare parts for a three-year operation period, a set of tools and accessories: a device for outputting internal housings, a hydraulic device for tightening the main pump connector, as well as the operational documentation necessary for installation, commissioning, and correct and safe operation of the unit.


Fig. 3. General view of the APE500-180-6 pump

1.jpg9.jpg5.jpgKPI7.jpginlet pressure

After the pump is manufactured, mandatory hydraulic factory tests will be carried out at the factory to confirm the pump characteristics specified. Equipment is delivered as soon as possible. And after the delivery of equipment, in accordance with the terms of the contract, the specialists of the service department of our Company will provide installation supervision and commissioning services for the pump unit. These services are planned to be provided from the beginning of November to the end of December 2020.

Project achievements

Reduction of costs for own needsSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentIncrease in reliability of the equipmentmodern domestic equipment useMeeting high requirements of the customer Increase in safety

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