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Supply of 2ADO-S-1800 / 1000-6000-8 / 6U1 electric motors to the Pechora State District Power Plant

13 January 2020

The Pechora State District Power Plant, being the largest power plant in the Komi Republic, currently produces about 40% of all electricity generated in the region. The installed electric capacity is 1,060 MW, the main fuel is associated and natural gas.  In total, the state district power station provides energy to more than 200 organizations and about 16.5 thousand residents of Pechora.

Печорская ГРЭС

As part of an investment project to modernize VDN 25x2 blast fans at power unit No. 2 in 2017, EnergoFront successfully delivered and commissioned two 2ADO-S-1800 / 1000-6000-8 / 6U1 electric motors manufactured by Elsib PJSC at the Pechora State District Power Plant  to replace morally and physically obsolete DAZO2-18-59-6 / 8U1 electric motors.

Comparison of electric motors 2ADO-S-1800 / 1000-6000-8 / 6U1 and DAZO2-18-59-6 / 8U1


The main advantages of electric motors manufactured by NPO Elsib PJSC, including the ADO and 2ADO series, are stator winding insulation of the Monolit-4 type, which increases the reliability and service life of the electric motor, as well as plain bearings with inserts with an elastic metal-plastic coating.  An important role is also played by more compact overall dimensions and lower weight, which allow installing ADO and 2ADO motors on the foundations of almost any outdated series (DAZO, DAZO2, AOD, etc.).

Electric motors 2ADO-S-1800/1000-6000-8/6 U1

WattagVoltageFrequencyRevolutionsKPIpermissible winding temperaturecooling methodLevel of protection weightOperation mode

According to the results of the two-year operation of 2ADO-S-1800 / 1000-6000-8 / 6U1 electric motors without complaints, the Pechora State District Power Plant set the task for EnergoFront to further systematically replace the old DAZO-18-59-6 / 8U electric motors of VDN 25x2 blowers on the remaining units  , on electric motors manufactured by NPO Elsib PAO. At the same time, all supplied motors must be installed on the existing DAZO-18-59-6 / 8U foundations and mated with the shafts of the blower fans without finalizing the foundations.



The purchase of the next batch of electric motors was carried out at the beginning of 2020. At present, between EnergoFront and Pechora State District Power Station a contract for the supply of equipment has been concluded, electric motors have been put into production at the plant of NPO Elsib PJSC. EnergoFront specialists conducted a survey and measurements of existing foundations.  Elsib Scientific Production Association PJSC together with the engineers of our company developed and agreed with the Pechora State District Power Station the overall and installation drawings of electric motors and transition frames. The delivery of electric motors is planned within the period established by the contract. Installation supervision and commissioning will be carried out by our company’s customer service.

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