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Overhaul of the equipment of high-pressure electric feed pumps of the CCGT unit of Vladimirskaya CHPP-2

13 December 2022

Vladimirskaya CHPP-2

Vladimirskaya CHPP-2 (PJSC "T Plus") - provides about 80% of the need for thermal energy in Vladimir. On the 24th of July, 2014, Vladimirskaya CHPP-2 launched a new combined cycle plant. To date, the operating time and duration of operation of the auxiliary equipment of the CCGT-230 unit require service maintenance - a major overhaul.


The overhaul of imported equipment: pumps, hydraulic couplings, electric motors, which are part of the high-pressure feed pump units of Vladimirskaya CHPP-2, was carried out in order to restore the physical wear and tear of the equipment with the replacement of spare parts. Carrying out major repairs is due to the requirements of the operating regulations of manufacturers.


All work performed on the territory of Vladimirskaya CHPP-2 was provided with support and guidance of our own certified service engineers.


The task of EnergoFront was to ensure the implementation of a set of measures for the overhaul of the high-pressure electric feed pumps units with complete dismantling, disassembly, restoration and commissioning of equipment, consisting of:

  • noise protection box and ventilation system;

  • feed pump KSB HGC5/8;

  • fluid coupling Voith Turbo 562 SVTL 12.1;

  • TECO electric motor;

  • pipeline accessories;

  • foundation foundations.



Repair work of the main equipment - high-pressure electric feed pumps and fluid couplings - was carried out at specialized repair sites with the involvement of specialists from KSB and Voith Turbo manufacturers.

In the process of repair, a set of works was carried out to revise, control the wear of components, clean and replace worn parts of the high-pressure electric feed pumps equipment.






At the final stage of the repair work, in a short time, EnergoFront's forces carried out installation on the high-pressure electric feed pumps frame of the composite equipment that underwent a major overhaul: an electric motor, a pump, a fluid coupling, the equipment was back-piped and connected to adjacent systems with the replacement of hydraulic oil, and also the alignment of the unit shafts was carried out.



In the terms agreed with the Customer, two sets of the high-pressure electric feed pumps were launched. Feeding plants were brought to operating parameters, which made it possible to launch the CCGT-230 unit of the Vladimirskaya CHPP with the release of electricity to the grid 2 days ahead of schedule.


The goals of the measures for overhaul of the equipment of high-pressure electric feed pumps of the CCGT unit of Vladimirskaya CHPP-2 were completely fulfilled. The results of the repairs will ensure an increase in the reliability of operation and the required performance indicators for the operation of the feed plants of Vladimirskaya CHPP-2 for the next overhaul period.


The professional competencies of our employees ensured the requirements of the Customer to the maximum extent.


Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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