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Design work to replace condensate pumping units at Yuzhnaya CHPP

20 July 2022

Yuzhnaya CHPP is part of TGC-1 PJSC and is the most powerful power plant in St. Petersburg which provides thermal energy to more than 900 thousand people, the largest enterprises, residential and public buildings of the city.

Work on the modernization of the condensate unit TG-1 of power unit No. 1 was carried out in order to increase the efficiency and reliability of the auxiliary equipment of the turbine section.

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EnergoFront was given a comprehensive task in 2021 to replace 3 condensate pumps of the first lift and 3 condensate pumps of the second lift, including the development of design, working and estimate documentation.


Within the scope of the design:

  • pumps, equipment foundations, suction and pressure fittings were subject to replacement

  • replacement of manual valves with electrified ones, with the installation of the necessary switching equipment and integration into the existing APCS(automated process control system)

  • integration of additional measuring instruments into the APCS

  • retrofit of feeding cells of high-voltage motors with the installation of a new relay protection system

  • replacement of automatic switches with the installation of new protective equipment

  • replacement of the power and communication cable.

Solutions for the APCS and RPA sections were developed jointly with the developer and integrator of control and relay protection systems TEKON-Engineering. The designers of our company prepared a task for the integration of signals into the system and other necessary documentation for the development of the necessary sections of TEKON-Engineering.


Also, before the start of the work, a survey of the existing foundations was carried out with the involvement of an accredited organization. After the implementation and approval of the design and working documentation, an industrial safety expertise was passed with the issuance of a positive conclusion.

In 2022, a letter of thanks was received from TGC-1 PJSC to EnergoFront for the implementation of this project.


This work has become a new stage of development for the Company and allowed us to implement all our accumulated experience and competencies within the framework of one project.

EnergoFront specialists, being the general designer, managed to solve many complex engineering problems, integrate modern technological solutions and equipment into the existing plant control system.

After the implementation of the project and the installation of equipment, the reliability and efficiency of heat and power generation in St. Petersburg increased significantly.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentSuitable timing of supply and installation of equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied

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