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Supply of pump set Д6300-80-2 for JSC “Nevinnomysskiy Azot”

21 November 2014
JSC “Nevinnomysskiy Azot” being a part of Group “EuroChem” is the biggest producer of nitrogen fertilizers and ammonia in Russia and the leading chemical company in South Federal District as well as one of the most modern and effective manufacturer of ammonia in Russia.

JSC “Nevinnomysskiy Azot” was founded in 1962 and the company is local economic mainstay of the town Nevinnomyssk Stavropol region.

Production capacity

 mln. tonn a year
Ammonia nitrate 1,42
Ammonia 1,16
Carbide-ammonia mix 1,02
Carbamide 0,89
NPK 0,46
Acetic acid 0,17
Methanol 0,13


Drawing.1 Methanol production section

In some sections of the combine the activities to modernize the equipment aiming to increase production capacities and release of products are being held. Thus, in the section of methanol production the worn out equipment is being replaced and the new production lines are being set. In this regard there is a project to make additional line of water supply from pump station of section of water recycling 11.

Such pump sets are in operation in section of water recycling 11 as double- entry pump 24 НДС with electric motors AH-15-44-10. Such pumps provide supplying cooling circulating water to consumers: cooling circulating water flows from suction chamber via pipe Ду-800 to pump inlet. Ascending pipe of pumps 24 НДС is connected with collector Ду-1200 where distribution of water to consumers and sec-tions of the combine is held.

For a long time one of the sets was out of order. Its replacement was urgent as in future it allows the following:

1. Increase efficiency of pump station ВОЦ-11;
2. Provide reliable reserve of pump equipment and timely execution of schedules of planned repair;
3. Decrease specific power consumption at increasing of efficiency of motor;
4. Decrease expenses for repair and service of pump.

Having made detailed engineering study of technical task “EnergoFront” suggested some variants of equipment. Taking into account limits of cargo capacity of crane equipment specialists of the combine chose one out of suggested variants: centrifugal pump Д6300-80-2, analogue of pump 24НДС, in set with plate coupling, extensive SPTA and electric motor «HYUNDAI» HRP3 505-10.

Due to the tender the solution suggested by JSC “EnergoFront” was considered the most optimal.


Drawing.2 Pump aggregate Д6300-80-2 with electric motor HRP3 505-10 and transit frame

Suggested equipment:

Pump Д6300-80-2 produced by JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy”- centrifugal horizontal, single stage, helical with double inlet of liquid to impeller and shaft-end seal.

Pump body is cast iron, and it has horizontal joint on shaft axis and is made from high-quality casting.

There are inlet and outlet flange nozzles and foot legs in the down part of the casing.

There are holes damped with plug to release air in case of flooding in the upper part of casing. To collect liquid there are brackets in the pump casing with holes for liquid extraction. Rotor of the pump consists of shaft, double –flow impeller, hubs, bearings and fittings.

Rotor support is sleeve bearing with liquid lubricant. Cooling of bearing is water.

Охлаждение подшипников - водяное.

Operation of pump is transformation of mechanical power to fluid power of liquid. Pump and electric motor is connected with plate coupling.

Extended SPTA, operation documents to make commissioning and start-up for safe operation of the aggregate are included to the scope of delivery.

4Material of casing parts and impellerСЧ20, without corrosion- resistant coating
5Material of protection sleeves30Х13
 Scope of delivery: 
1Shaft sealgland seal
2CouplingPlate coupling with guard
3Temperature controlТСМ to control bearing temperature
4Instruments and controlsManometer,vacuum manometer
6Bearingssleeveantifriction (SKF)
1Plate coupling1 set plate
2PumpА)1 set bush
Б)Seal washer -2pcs.
В) Lubricant LAGD-400-4 – 1 pcs.(for system SKF)
Г) Plates for center adjustment gauge type «BALTECH-7», class 2-1 set



Drawing. 3 Operation characteristics of pump Д6300-80-2

Drawing.4 Pump Д6300-80-2

As a result of working out and selection of electric motor AH-15-44-10 the optimal solution was suggested:supply of induction electric motor HRP3 505-10 produced by HYUNDAI South Korea..

Rotation machine works HYUNDAI is completely equipped with modern production and testing facilities to guarantee high quality of products. The following activities are held at the works to safe financial and labor resources in future at operation and repair:
- Control of assembling accuracy of core to minimize noise and vibration is held with well-balanced magnet system.
- Possibility of impregnation in vacuum under pressure. Thermal resource of insulation is acc. to IEEE 275 (resource – more than 30 years).
- Reliable electric and mechanical connection of rotor tires with end rings is provided with induction soldering with silver alloy.
- Balancing of rotor is made at operation speed on high speed balancing stand to minimize vibra-tion level.
- The strongest duties of testing guarantee high quality of electric motor.

Main characteristics of electric motor:

1Output1000 kW
4Rotor typesquirrel-cage
9Efficiency at 100% load94,9%
10Degree of protection:Electric motorTerminal box IP23IP54
11Insulation classF
14Method of coolingIC01
15Weight6400 kg


Electric motor is equipped with winding temperature detectors, bearing temperature detectors Pt100 and anti-condensation heater.


Drawing.5 Outline drawing of electric motor HRP3 505-10


Drawing 6. Electric motor HRP3 505-10

Taking into account requirements to keep the existing basement and connection of pump with electric motor “EnergoFront” additionally made and delivered transit frame.

The possibility to implement elec-tric motor HYUNDAI again proves high quality, reliability and competitiveness of South-Korean brand that has already been implemented at different sites in Russia.

Transit frame, results of testing and operation documentation for commissioning and start-up are in scope of delivery.

Ac. to the Customer’s claim the task to minimize delivery time for 1.5 months was successfully solved.

During assembling of the aggregate the inspection visit to the combine was made.Now pump and electric motor are set at site and they are ready for start-up.

The start-up is planned for December 2014.

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