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Nizhnekamsk ТPP

23 January 2014
Nizhnekamsk TPP ( PTK-1) is a branch of JSC “TGK-16” and the biggest industrial and heating power plant in the Republic of Tatarstan. Installed capacity is 880MW. Installed heating capacity is 3 746 Gkal/h. Nizhnekamsk TPP (PTK-1) provides electricity and heat to the largest oil, chemical, tire, and building industries. The power plant is a part of united industrial and ecomomic complex to produce, transfer and distributes electric and heat energy.


Drawing.1. NizhnekamskТPP (PТК-1)

Mounting of turbine drive and feeding pump: main aims and tasks of the project.

Now electric motors AC-4000/6000 and 2АЗМ 4000/6000 with capacity range from 3150 to 4200 kW are generally used for the drive of feeding pumps at Nizhnekamsk TPP (PTK-1). Although in that design solution there are obvious losses on the drive such as losses at transformation of steam power into electric power, losses at transformation at auxiliary power transformers, losses at disposal of electric power to motor, losses in the motor, losses at torque transmission. To exclude the above mentioned losses driven turbine is suggested as the drive of feeding pump. Usage of turbine for the drive of feeding pump instead of electric motor is rational because the possibility to regulate flow of feeding water is realized that is operation in part load that can’t be provided with electric motor.

Mounting of driven turbine as a drive of feeding pump will incredibly decrease auxiliary power consumption cutting fuel rate for production of electricity. There is one more positive issue-additional steam source with pressure 1,2 ata which deficiency can be seen at Nizhnekamsk TPP ( PTK-1).

Main tasks of the project:

decrease of loss of auxiliary electric power;

· additional production of electric power;

· additional steam source 1,2 at;

· stable maintenance and variable regulation of pressure of feeding water;

· increase of max efficiency of feeding pump,

· increase of power efficiency of feeding pump;

· increase of production efficiency;

· increase of safety of production;

· increase of lifetime, decrease of repairs of main equipment as well as insulation valve and regulation fittings.

Reconstruction is replacement of worn out equipment: electric motor АС-4000/6000 (4000кW, 3000rpm, 6кV) for steam turbine and feeding pump ПЭ500-180-2 ст.№11 with parameter Q=580 м3/h, Н=1950 м for feeding pump with parameter Q=580 м3/h, Н=2030 м.

JSC “Comtec-Energoservice” was chosen as general contractor to complete the project «Feeding turbine ПЭН-500А. Maintenance of turbo drive and feeding pump” for the branch of JSC “TGK-16”-“Nizhnekamsk TPP (PTK-1).

JSC “Comtec-Energoservice” has made the whole complex of operations including design of necessary documentations, building and mounting, supply of all auxiliary equipment, commissioning and start-up.

Modernized feeding pump ПЭ 580-185-5.

JSC “Comtec-Energoservice” announced the tender for supplying feeding pump acc. to the following characteristics:




Rated capacity



Operation capacity range



Rated speed



Inlet pressure



Inlet temperature



Rated pump pressure



Feeding water extraction behind the 3dstage: flow, pressure





Pump efficiency at rated capacity



The selection of feeding pump must be agreed with Nizhnekamsk TPP.

The main competitor of JSC “EnergoFront” was Sulzer (Germany) that offered its own pump based on the required parameters. Our company has worked out both technical and commercial parts of the project. JSC “EnergoFront” could win the tender and offered the most optimal solution – modernized feeding pump ПЭ580-185-5 produced by JSC “Nasosenergomash “ Sumy”.

Modernization of pump range ПЭ580-185-5 was performed to improve such characteristics of pump equipment as technical and power capacity of pump by means of increasing of efficiency and also long lifetime and reliability of equipment by means of durability of main details. The idea of modernization is change of flow part by means of usage of new impellers and guide vanes of new design as well as adaptation of pump sections.

Efficiency of modernized pump ПЭ580-185-5 in operating point is not less than 85% (Sulzer pump has 82%).


Drawing.2.Characteristics of feeding pump ПЭ 580-185-5.

Feeding pump ПЭ580-185-5 is used to feed stationary steam boiler with water 165 °С.

The pump is centrifugal horizontal double case multistage with neutralization of rotor efforts with hydraulic discharging gear. The pump has external casing, inlet cover, discharge cover; internal casing with rotor, front shaft-end seals, sleeve bearings, foundation plate and auxiliary piping, pump pipe is directed along the upward vertical. Pump rotor has shaft, impellers, balancing disk, protection sleeves, labyrinth seal ring and fittings.

Torque transition from turbine to pump is done with flexible coupling.

Set of spare parts and operation documentation necessary for commissioning and start-up and safe operation of aggregate are in the scope of delivery.


Drawing.3. Feeding pump setАПЭ580-185-5.

Tests routines were successfully performed at site of manufacturer, procured characteristics correspond to the predetermined ones.

Delivery, commissioning and start-up.

Delivery of equipment was made on a tight schedule. Our company had the task to abate the time production of pump ПЭ580-185-5 for 2 months that we could manage.

Inspection trips to the power machine building plant in cooperation with the Customer were successfully performed.

After the delivery, according to the conditions of the contract JSC “EnergoFront” made commissioning and start-up of the pump set. JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” controlled commissioning and start-up of АПЭ580-185-5. Service plan was agreed with the customer, period of commissioning and start-up of turbine with feeding pump was compacted according to the requirement of Nizhnekamsk TPP ( PTK-1). These activities were being done from the beginning of October till the beginning of December 2013.


Drawing.4.Commissioning certificate of pump setАПЭ580-185-5

Now the equipment is operated at full load without any claims.Capital cost repaiment period by means of cost savings for auxiliary power is about 2,5 - 3 years.


Drawing.5. Assembly view of turbine Р-3,7-1,4/0,17П with feeding pump ПЭ580-185-5.

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