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Modernization and replacement of pump equipment at section of wet-process phosphoric acid production at JSC “FosAgro-Cherepovets”

14 March 2016

One of the most important companies of the holding “FosAgro” is JSC “FosAgro-Cherepovets” (Cherepovets), the company to produce phosphoric and nitrogen fertilizers.


Drawing. 1JSCFosAgro-Cherepovets”.

The name of the company “FosAgro” was made in 2001. On 15, February there was extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of JSC “Ammophos” where some representatives of Transregional association of producers of phosphoric fertilizers “FosAgro” were taken into the Board. In 2004 under the process of consolidation of vertical integration JSC “Cherepovetskiy “Azot” connected via solid technological chain with JSC “Ammophos” joined the “FosAgro” Group.

After Cherepovets chemical companies had become members of company grouping “FosAgro” the full modernization was started at the production. During the renewal only the best available technologies, equipment, technical solutions, the latest achievements in chemical industry and the leading experience of Russian and foreign companies were used.

Modernization is also in progress today.

JSC “EnergoFront” will take part in the process of modernization.

Basing on the results of the tender JSC “EnergoFront” was considered supplier of water-ring vacuum pump AL 100+V to pump steams of fluoride compounds of production and make vacuum on tilting pan filter. The pump sets will be fixed atsection of wet-process phosphoric acid production at JSC “FosAgro-Cherepovets”.

February, 20 2016 the production of wet-process of phosphoric acid at JSC “FosAgro-Cherepovets” was 40 years old. On the whole the production that united this section and two technological lines built in 1979 and 1982 can produce 1,18 mil ton a year. For the last 40 years more than 27 mil ton of phosphoric acid- the most valuable raw material for the production of mineral fertilizers were manufactured. Therefore FosAgro-Cherepovets pays special attention to modernization of equipment of the section of wet-process phosphoric acid.

Supply of two water ring vacuum pump sets that concern FosAgro entrusted to JSC “EnergoFront” is the first stage of the replacement of the worn-out equipment of this technological part of the section of wet-process phosphoric acid. The full replacement of the pump equipment is planned for the future. The manufacturer of pump equipment is the leading European company ERTP-HIBON Liquid Ring Pumps (France).

Water-ring vacuum pumps are widely- used in different industries due to their simple design, reliability in operation and ability to compress gas-liquid mixtures isothermically without oil contamination. Most often liquid ring (water ring) pumps are used in different technological processes in chemical industry.


Drawing. 2 Water ring vacuum pump set produced by ERTPНibon

Liquid ring pumps are often called water ring pumps as water is used there as service liquid, and sometimes they are called the ones with liquid bucket. Off-center located rotor with radial blades (impeller) rolls in cylinder body that is partly filled with liquid. Impeller blades while rotating take liquid and throw it to the body. As a result inside the body there occur rotating ring of liquid that gave the name to this type of pumps. Between the plug of impeller and the ring of liquid there is lune-shaped space that is the work space of the pump. This space is divided with impeller blades into separate cells of variable volume. Under increasing of volume of cell the process of suction starts, under decreasing- the processes of compression and injection start.

Process of compression in pump is accompanied with intensive elimination of heat from the compressed gas to liquid.

The temperature of compressed gas in outlet is practically the same as the one at inlet and the work liquid is heated so it is necessary to change it constantly. Work liquid is supplied either to suction branch or via hydraulic seal of the shaft of impeller to work space of the pump and output via discharge ports together with compressed gas. The main advantage of liquid ring vacuum pump is in their simple operation.

Water ring vacuum pumps are optimal solution for many industries where low vacuum is required in oil, chemical, mining processing and other industries. Reliability and low requirements to service, low levels of vibration and noise in complex with unique ability to work with wet gas contribute into their popularity.

ERTP Hibon (France), where water ring vacuum pumps for FosAgro-Cherepovets will be produced, is the company with more than one hundred year of experience at the market of equipment to compress air and other gas, offers air-blast and compressor equipment of high quality. The policy of the company is constant development and modernization of equipment paying special attention to strategic programs of enlargement of tasks and satisfaction of market needs.

To confirm the possibility of the company Hibon to produce necessary sets the top management of the company JSC “EnergoFront” visited production sites of the plant and agreed the requirements of the customer towards the equipment.


Drawing. 3 Visit to ERTPНibon

To meet completely the requirements of the customer to replace the old equipment to the water-ring vacuum pump sets Hibon specialists from JSC “EnergoFront” visited section of production of wet-process phosphoric acid production where they negotiated with specialists from FosAgro-Cherepovets on this order as well as made all necessary measurements of the earlier set equipment to be replaced.


Drawing.4 Specialists from JSC “EnergoFront” is measuring the equipment to be replaced.

Due to the demand from the specialists from the combine the pumps will be completed with electric motors by WEG with the drive via gear that are well-recommended at the Russian market

Responsibility that our specialists implemented into realization of this order will allow JSC “EnergoFront” supply necessary equipment that in its turn will let specialists from FosAgro-Cherepovets solve tasks to increase production volume.

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