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Installation of submersible circulation pump at the Vyborg Thermal Power Station (TPS-17), an affiliate of “Nevsky” OJSC “Territorial Generating Company” (TGC-1)

25 January 2016
Vyborg TPS-17, an affiliate of “Nevsky” OJSC TGC-1 supplies electric and thermal power to industrial enterprises, residential and communal buildings of Kalinin, Vyborg and, partly, Krasnogvardeisky Districts of Saint Petersburg. The total number of individual consumers is around 400 thousands.


Fig. 1. Vyborg TPS-17, an affiliate of “Nevsky” OJSC TGC-1

The history of Station construction, its successive expansions and operation are closely intertwined with the development of the City power industry. Originally this TPS was constructed as a new power station for the Leningrad Metal Works that was expanding its manufacturing capacities; by the early of 1950-ies the plant had become the largest manufacturer of steam turbines in the country. In 1954 construction was finished of the Station startup complex, and many shop managers and top specialists were transferred there from other power stations of the City in order to strengthen the Station personnel. By 1958 the role of the Station strengthened to such an extent that instead of belonging to the Metal Works, it was classified as Vyborg District TPS-17 and included into the City power industry system, Lenenergo. In 2005 in the course of reforming the power industry, the Vyborg District TPS was incorporated into a new power generation company TGC-1 together with other power stations.

Within the framework of the energy saving program aimed at acquiring funds for in-house needs and improving reliability of the basic equipment of the Station it was decided to implement a new project and install a submersible circulation pump in the intake chamber of the onshore pumping station No. 1. That decision was taken by TGC-1 OJSC in cooperation with experts from Vyborg District TPS during the first half of 2015.

Prior to that, two circulation pumps of non-submersible type were run to ensure reliability of operation. However, as one of those pumps starts in automatic switch-over to reserve source (ASORS), there exists a probability of its failure since air may be sucked in through its axle stuffing-box. With submersible pump launched, the operation will be reduced to a single circulation pump feeding the full set of turbine generators over the heating season, minimum steam dumped to turbine condensers; also the likelihood of pump breakdown will be minimized.

Following the project criteria, it was decided to focus on the technical solution based on pump unit, type СДВ4000/28 manufactured by “Energomash CJSC (town of Sysert) – Uralgidromash”.


Fig. 2. Overall sizing of pump unit СДВ4000/28

Being an official partner of “Energomash CJSC (town of Sysert) – Uralgidromash”, our Company has agreed with it on the issue of shortening the term of unit delivery, which was necessary to comply with the schedule set out in the Technical Statement of Work.

“EnergoFront” CJSC offered its technical and commercial proposal on delivering the pump unit to “TGK-Service” LLC, a co-runner for the overall tender on turnkey pump installation. Eventually, “TGK-Service” LLC was named the winner, and it was that company that signed the Contract with the Client.


Fig. 3. Pump СДВ4000/28, ready for shipping

The delivery contract between “EnergoFront” CJSC and “TGK-Service” LLC stipulated the pump unit to be manufactured within the shortest possible time, and it made it possible to meet delivery commitment date established by the Client (TGC-1 OJSC).

By now the delivery is fully accomplished, and the Service Department of “EnergoFront” CJSC is supervising pump installation works, together with its driving electric motor.

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